Zala Hair Extensions Review

Many things can change a person: the experiences we go through, the people we meet, and of course,

“The hairstyle.” I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I change my hairdo for every significant life event.

However, if anything, I would call myself a brute. There is not a hair color in this world that I haven’t tried on yet.

At one point, people called me the rainbow lady, which is kind of incorrect cause I didn’t apply all those shades in one go.
Though, to be fair, I did apply the rainbow shades in a sequence, one at a time. But it was more just to nag my husband. And “Nag Him, I Did loads” (yes, that was in Yoda Accent)
But, over-coloring led to hair damage, and I had to cut my hair down. I thought my streak of different hair colors ended there.

Until I realized, maybe I should just get colored hair extensions rather than color itself. So, I went through different kinds of hair extensions, and after a series of experiments, I found the right hair extensions for me.
So, if you want to use hair extensions and have no idea where to start looking, I suggest you start with clip-on extensions rather than permanent extensions.

I find Zala extensions quite suitable. Here are four of the most natural colors that I have personally used and found good enough.

Ice Queen Platinum Blonde Clip-In Hair Extensions 12/14 Inch 

I know you are tired of hearing the song “Let it go.” My girls kept on singing that song and made their Dad watch “Frozen” like 72 times.

So, when I was into “I’m gonna bother my husband with my not so rainbow hair,” I decided to wear Elsa-look.
I got myself these Ice-queen platinum blonde hair extensions and went as far as braiding them like Elsa.

Though the nagging streak failed because he said it looked good on me and my girls said I seemed like their “Ice-Queen Mother,” they are now Elsa and Anna in true sense.

Anyways, it is a good hair extension. I have used it for more than two years now. The color hasn’t faded even now.

It has human hair laced together in 3-weft lace so that the hair loss is negligible. I bought 14 inches, but they do have 12 inches too.
The clips are silicone backed, so they don’t stand out. The hair looks healthy and natural. I bought the 9-piece set, but If you have a shorter stature, you might be fine with a 5-piece pack.

The extensions easily endure washings, and the extensions do not easily come off compared to other clip-on.

They ship fast, as I got mine within 72 hours, and the packaging was refined to my taste. They also allow a refund within 30 days; however, I don’t think you will need to go through that.
This is not your thing if you are not into a platinum blonde. But Zala offers at least 25 other shades to choose from.

Chestnut Brown Clip-In Hair Extensions 12/14 Inch

If you are more of a “natural color and healthy hair look” person, then maybe this is your extension. I use this one when going out on picnics or for office meetings.
Again, the hair is triple or quad-wefted, so the hair loss is minimal. The clip-ins are silicon-based and are easier to use compared to other temporary hair extensions.

Firstly, these hair extensions take only a few minutes to put on. Secondly, there is no mess like the glue-ins. BTW, I highly depreciate the glued-or-sticky hair extensions.

I remember it took me 16 hours, a whole bottle of conditioner, coconut oil, and loads of shampoo to clean melted glue out of my head.

If that doesn’t happen, probably the hair won’t stick properly to your head and will fall off in the middle of an event. (Which, in my experience, is even more embarrassing than having glue stuck to your head).

The color and luster don’t fade, so these hair extensions are easily washable. It is perfect for natural brunettes, but I have used this in several combos as highlights to dark brown hair.

I have it in 12-inches, and it reaches comfortably down the collar bone region.
They also have 14-inch hair extensions, but this might not be your thing if you are into long hair.

Dark Choc Brown Clip-In Hair Extensions -20”

If you are into long, healthy, and natural hair, then this is the extension for you. I used this one to pull off Rachel Green from Friends.

My honey gold hair acted as a highlight to this one, and the result was pretty good. They do sell these in seamless and in quad-wefts.
I prefer quad-wefts and straights, as they fit right across the head, giving a natural look.

But my sister has tried seamless lace, and it looked fluffier with curls, so if you want a bouncy look and “Hollywood waves,” go for seamless laced.

The hair loss is almost negligible as my hair extension has lasted more than three years now. Although for longer hair, people usually opt for permanent hair extensions.

But I have tried those on once, and the paint on their metallic bundles chipped off, taking away intended flawless looks.
Besides, I had to get my hair re-bundled every four weeks. Therefore, the maintenance is way too costly and challenging for permanent hair extensions.

So, even for longer hair, I suggest reliable clip-ins. Furthermore, you can remove clip-ins, so you don’t have to bear extra weight on your head all the time.

Since this hair extension is 100% human hair so, hair does not lose luster with washings.

Honey Blonde Clip-In Hair Extensions 12/14 Inch

Matching my original Hair-color, it is one of my favorite clip-in extensions. It is made up of pure human hair, and the color does not fade.

Since the hair is not silicone coated, therefore, the shine in the hair lasts long. The hair is healthy with no split ends and appropriate thickness. It is also joined by quad-wefts, so it fits the head naturally.
I find these wefts better than polyurethane-bound bundles. Although polyurethane is flexible and does not make you look unnatural at all, laced hair is better.

They do not damage the natural hair like the glued ones do, and they also don’t lose much hair over time.

They usually sell these in 12- or 14-inch sizes and in 5- or 9-piece packs. I have bought both 12 and 14 packs with 9 pieces each.

I have used these in combos and both straight and curved forms. So how you use these extensions depends entirely on how you want to look.
Though this matches my hair color perfectly, my friend uses these as highlights to her ash golden hair.

I am into trendy short hair, so I find these suitable for my taste. However, if you are into hair reaching down your waist, maybe this is not the product for you.


If you choose clip-ins as I do, I recommend you start with Zala hair extensions.

However, no matter what kind of hair extensions you prefer, it is necessary that you find yourself comfortable within those.

I hope this helped you find the hair extension that you are looking for.

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