Are Synthetic Wigs a Better Choice?

Synthetic-WigsAre Synthetic lace wigs or synthetic lace cap wigs a better option than human lace wigs? This is the troubling question that bugs many women, especially African-American women who want to test the waters before pulling all the stops.

There is no best answer to this question because both wig types are good, great even. The bottom line actually rests with the wearer. The smartest way, perhaps, is to know more about the wigs before finally deciding which way to go.

Important Things You Need to Know About Synthetic Wigs

Knowing about synthetic wigs before you buy is best. It is the only way to determine whether it is the style to go for.

Hair Color

Hair color is one outstanding feature that synthetic wigs have over human hair wigs. Any color you can think of is available with synthetic hair wigs. Anyone who has experienced going to the salon to have their hair dyed knows that the color they want does not always turn out to be the way they think it should be. Not the case with synthetic wigs for they will always come with the most fantastic range of hair colors that will remain the same forever.

The demand for outrageous hair colors as a fashion statement has catapulted synthetic wigs to the top. People can now have their choice of color from red, blue, green, white, pink, and a lot more.

Hair Length

Synthetic hair wigs are wigs that can give you hair lengths that few human hair wigs can ever match. Sure, there are human hair wigs that exceed 28 inches but their price is off the roof as well. It is also very rare to be able to get a long-length human hair wig.

Synthetic wigs do not have these problems. There’s no short supply of synthetic hair wigs exceeding 28 inches and, best of all, they are affordable.

Synthetic Wigs Are Low Maintenance

Malaysian-Wigs-newHuman hair wigs need special shampoos and conditioners to maintain their tip-top condition. Synthetic hair wigs do not need anything special. In fact, the mild detergent you use for washing clothes can work effectively as a shampoo. A mild fabric conditioner is all you need to maintain the silkiness and luster of your synthetic hair wigs.

Human hair wigs also have the disadvantage of losing their style and texture over the years. Synthetic hair wigs, on the other hand, will always maintain the same style and color as the day you bought it.

Great Price

The best feature of synthetic hair wigs is their price. No human hair wig can ever beat the affordable price of synthetic hair wigs. This is the probably the top reason why so many African-American women prefer synthetic hair wigs the first time they try on using wigs.

Bottom Line: Synthetic Wigs

Do synthetic hair wigs offer the best option? It may as an inexpensive venture into the world of wigs. Synthetic hair wigs might be too glossy compared to human hair wigs but they can add a stylish and unique statement to a woman who dares to be different.