Are Lace Front Wigs a Better Option?

Lace-Front-WigsMost women are not very familiar with lace front wigs. However, they are very popular with people who prefer to use wigs. So, what are lace front wigs, exactly?

What Are Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs, sometimes referred to as front lace wigs or lace-front wigs are a type of lace wig. The mesh lace covering is the single feature that is seen in all kinds of lace wigs and are either human hair wigs or synthetic wigs.

Front lace wigs are aptly named because they feature sheer lace coverage in the forehead to make them look like a natural hairline. Wearing a lace front wig from a reputable beauty supply store is hardly noticeable even when seen up close. The seamless blend of the sheer mesh makes it possible for a wearer to wear a wig that looks like their natural hair.

How Dynamic Are Front Lace Hair Wigs?

Women, particularly black African-American women, want varied hairstyles as a way to enhance their particular style. One way to do frequent changes in hairstyle and hair color is by using lace fronts.

A smoother and seamless look is achieved between the skin and the wig with the use of a lace front. And that’s not all a front lace can do! A side ponytail, a half ponytail, and a low ponytail are hairstyles that are possible to have with front lace.

The sheer mesh of the lace frontal allows the scalp to breathe even with a wig on top of it. This should be the first feature to look at when in the market for a lace frontal.

A front lace is so amazing because even when you brush your bangs away from your forehead, nobody will notice you’re actually wearing a wig.

Caring For Your Lace Wig

It is important to properly store any type and kind of wigs for them to remain beautiful and fabulous. Wigs are often expensive and the only way to protect your investment to make them last longer is to store them properly.

The health of your wig needs protection from common elements such as dust, excess heat, and direct sunlight. It is also recommended to keep front lace wigs and other kinds of wigs away from pets and children.

A Styrofoam head, a wig hanger, or a wig stand are the best options to have, especially when you often use the wig. If your choice is a Styrofoam head, purchase one that is closer to the size and shape of your head. This is to prevent warping of the wig.

Are They Expensive?

That entirely depends on the choice of front lace. The synthetic front lace wigs are cheaper than the front lace made of human hair. Obviously, the human hair front lace is a better option when you want a high-quality front lace.

How Long These Lace Front Wigs Last?

Again, this would depend on the type of lace front. A properly maintained synthetic lace front can last for a year. Human hair lace front last longer but they are high-maintenance wigs.

Bottom Line

The front lace became very popular when celebrities saw the incredible effect they made to their appearance. Years were literally taken off with the flattering fuller hair effect given by the lace front.