The Innovative Half Wig

What is a Half Wig?

Half-WigLooking around a beauty supply store, you find a half wig tucked away among other beauty supplies and be wondering exactly what it is. Half wigs literally mean that: a wig that can cover half of a wearer’s head. As half of the head is exposed, a half wig must reflect the natural hair color of the wearer as a way to enhance her unique style using these human hair wigs.

There are two half wig styles to choose from. Some may use the headband style to be worn like, well, a headband. Some may feature clips that can anchor the wig to the natural hair of the wearer.

The wearer can choose two hairstyles as well with the half wig. A headband styled half wig means leaving the front part of the natural hair as is with the headband covering the rest of the back part. The clip-style half wig, on the other hand, may use the natural hair to cover the wig as a way of disguising the clips.

Types of Half Wigs

Wearers have also two options when it comes to the half wig. The choice is between natural human hair half wigs and synthetic half wigs.

Synthetic Hair

The synthetic half wigs are typically cheaper than its human hair counterpart. They should be because they are entirely made of plastic that is softened and designed to look like human hair. They are available in clips and headband styles. The biggest disadvantage of the synthetic half wigs is their extreme shininess, making it tough to blend in with the natural hair. Some users state that its super shiny texture makes it look like a doll’s hair.

Other than the sleek hair, synthetic half wigs cannot be styled as well. Because they are made of plastic, any heating appliance cannot be applied. It cannot be dyed too.

Probably the only thing that counts for the synthetic half wigs is holding the style it was bought in for its entire lifetime.

Human Hair

Lace-FrontalHuman half hair wigs can be way expensive than their synthetic counterparts. They can be straightened or curled but there’s no guarantee that it will hold on to the hairstyle for the rest of the day. While it can blend in with a wearer’s natural hair, the smartest way is to try it on before deciding to buy it.

Even when the half hair wig is made of human hair, the hair texture from the donor may not be a match for a wearer. Sanitation laws prohibit the return of most wigs and making a mistake like this can be expensive. The only solution if this happens is to dye the wig to match the hair color of the wearer.

Who Usually Wears Half Wigs?

Half wigs have become a part of the routine of many African-American women because they can either be put on or taken off at a moment’s notice or woven permanently to their hair. Celebrities also wear half wigs to make their hair look fuller than it actually is.

Bottom Line

Half wigs offer a lot of convenience than other wig options. They are easy to put on or take off or can be made a permanent part of a wearer’s hair. They come in several lengths and styles to enhance a wearer’s look.