Wig Caps: How Good are They?

Wig-capsWigs offer the perfect solution for women who want frequent style changes or as protection for underlying hair problems such as complete hair loss, a sensitive scalp or thinning hair.

Most women have, at one time in their life, experience a bad haircut. Some women are also afflicted with alopecia or baldness. It is these instances that wigs can be literal life and image savers. However, the reasons for wearing wigs are not important. The important reason is to know the right kind of head protection before a wearer puts on a wig made with good quality hair.

One of the best ways to protect the head and hair is by wearing wig caps made with human hair.

Why Is A Wig Cap Needed?

The most essential way of protecting your scalp and natural hair is by using wig caps. Hair tearing and damage are avoided when wig caps are used as protection. Wig caps are available in various colors with nude and black as the more popular choices.

Wig Cap Designs

Different wigs call for different wig cap styles. Knowing about them gives you a seamless hairstyle that nobody will ever know it’s a wig.  Most basic design of all is the original design of a cotton or nylon fabric wig cap. Its function is to flatten a wearer’s natural hair before a wig is placed. However, the cap construction is not equipped to deal with the heavy weight of extensions with human hair nor used for making wigs or quick weaves.

Weaving Cap

If you plan to create your own wig, the weaving cap is the one to go for. Extensions can be sewn into the cap which frees the hair from damage. Doing this equally distributes the weight of the extensions to make it more comfortable for a wearer. Small holes are distributed throughout the cap and the adjustable straps make it a sort of one-size-fits-all. The holes in the material act as sort of barrier between the wearer’s natural hair and the weave extensions.

Japanese Swim Cap

The mesh material of the cap is lightweight with a thick band. The bands are not adjustable and combs are not part of the deal. You can purchase combs as a separate sale and sew them to the caps. This particular cap design is the perfect choice for women who want to create their own wigs.

Dome Cap

Dome caps offer more features compared to the other cap designs. They are flexible enough to be worn under the wigs. They are versatile enough for quick weaves and wig making. Helping the wig stay put is helped by the thick spandex band of the dome cap. Hair flattening is quickly achieved even with women who have thick hair.

U-Part Wig Cap

If you want your natural hair to show in front, the U-part wig cap is the ideal one to use. The U-part wig cap designs include side parts and the middle part. It is also designed with stretchable mesh and adjustable straps.

Bottom Line

Wearing a wig is a personal choice for every woman regardless of age and ethnic background. Wigs are there to offer image and style changes for the better. Wig caps are there to offer support and protection for the chosen wig styles.