What Are 360 Wigs, Anyway?

Full-lace-wigThe road can be confusing for women who are thinking of venturing into the world of hair weaves and hair extensions for the first time. Just when they have finally understood what weaves and extensions are all about, along comes another term: the lace 360 wigs.

What is a Lace 360 Hair Wig?

The simple explanation for a lace 360 wig is a full-head wig cover over the hair. Like with other hair extensions, with the help of a delicate, soft, and adjustable lace cap, these synthetic wigs or human hair wigs seamlessly cover the whole hair area. The lace cap is there not only to make the wig look like a wearer’s real hair, but it also protects the natural hair as well. However, it must be pointed out that the 360 lace wig is not a wig. Rather, it is a cap that is meant to hold weaves and hair bundles without making them slip off.

These human hair wigs are particularly helpful and effective for African-American women suffering from kinky, very dry, and thinning hair. Opting for a full-head wig means the freedom to change their hairstyle and look every time and anytime they want.

Unlike the lace wig designs of years past, the 360 lace frontal is designed to wrap around the whole head. Using them will drastically cut weave installations.

The freedom to part your hair in any direction you want is given by the 360 lace frontal. The flesh-tone color of the lace cap gives wearers a natural look when they part their hair on either side or in the middle.

The hooks in front are there to provide maximum comfort and support to the installed hair bundles and weaves. The large band at the back can be used for additional clips if you want a snugger fitting lace cap.

Opting for a ponytail style becomes possible with the 360 lace frontal. The adjustable strap gives a one-size-fits-all feature to the 360 lace frontal.

The Advantages of 360 Wigs

The wig creations of past decades were dry and itchy things. Worse still, the wigs looked so unreal, everyone knew if a person was wearing one. Since then, wigs have evolved to a higher level to provide a realistic look as well as give maximum comfort to the wearer.

  • A breathable lace covering to avoid itching
  • A customized hairpiece to cover thinning hair
  • A chance to finally get the hairstyle you’ve always wanted
  • Varied flattering color wigs to choose from
  • A chance to sport a stylish and glamorous look
  • A thicker and fuller head of hair
  • Doing a different hairstyle such as a ponytail
  • An adjustable strap

Bottom Line

Is it smart to invest in a 360 lace frontal? It is if you want a full head coverage that takes only two hair bundles. Weaves and extensions are quickly installed in no time with the help of the 360 lace frontal. If spending less while looking great is the goal, then investing in a 360 lace frontal could be the best and smartest investment.