Wig Style Guidelines for African & Black Women

African-American-WomenIt has been said that a woman’s crowning glory is her hair. Nothing can make a woman beautiful than a flattering hairstyle. However, the sad truth is that not all women are blessed with beautiful tresses. Bad hair days are also the bane of most women. There are days when everything you do with your hair ends up with disastrous results. The weather is one of the culprits that can create a lot of difficulties with hair. The solution is wearing a wig, but you will need to chose a wig style that is just right for you.

Can wearing wigs or hair extensions provide timely and convenient solutions to women who struggle with hairstyle problems?

There are several reasons for opting to wear wigs. Wigs can be used to cover temporary or permanent hair imperfections or they can be used to further enhance the natural beauty of a woman.

Gorgeous hair from wigs gives a sense of satisfaction to African-American women that are not naturally endowed with them. Limited hairstyles and hair colors become things of the past with the countless length, style, and colors given by the wigs. With wigs, changing your hairstyle can become as easy and convenient as changing your clothes!

For black African-American women, wig options available come in varied types, colors, and styles. It is best to understand the varied options to get the one that gives the best aesthetic appeal for your particular needs.

Shopping For The Perfect Wig

There are a couple of things to think about before African-American women start shopping for wigs. The only way to determine the feel and look of a wig is by closely examining it. Wig brands may be important but the actual feel and look of the wig is a far better and smarter option.

Traditional brick and mortar and online stores are the places that offer many options of wig styles, length, color, and types. The advantage given by the brick and mortar stores is the chance to feel and try on the wigs before deciding on the one that meets all the needs.

However, this is not to say that purchasing a wig online is disadvantageous. Online buying is a convenience that cannot be matched by traditional brick and mortar stores. There are a lot of reputable online wig dealers that offer high-quality wigs. One important rule to remember to go for reputable online sites offering a full return policy. The full return policy is important as you can’t closely feel and examine the chosen wig.

Which is the Better Wig Style Option: Human or Synthetic?

A wig made of natural hair or synthetic fibers is the first decision an African-American woman has to make when purchasing a wig. Weighing the ups and downs of these types of wigs should be taken into consideration especially when it is meant to be worn every day.

The pros and cons of both types of wigs have to be compared before making the final decision. The look and feel of one type may outweigh the other and the final choice does not matter. What matters is to make the chosen wig last for a long time by knowing how to care for them.

Synthetic Hair Wig Style Options

When it comes to styles, textures, and colors, synthetic hair offers the most options. The natural color of a woman’s hair can easily be matched by synthetic wigs. The synthetic fibers of the wig are also easier to style for they are not as brittle, coarse, and dry as the natural hair of African-American women.

One thing that counts for synthetic hair wigs is its affordability. Maintaining the natural curl for its entire lifetime is another upside to synthetic hair wigs. Low-maintenance is always a big plus, especially for women that are on the go.

However, as the wig is made of synthetic fibers, heated hair gadgets cannot be used as a way of restyling them. Applying heat to the wig fibers will not only melt but also do irreparable damage. Synthetic hair wigs are not long lasting, unlike human hair wigs. Most of them could last a year of continuous wear.

Human Hair Wigs Style Options

The hair’s ethnicity should be the first consideration when a woman chooses a human hair wig. African-American hair wigs should not necessarily be the only choice for African-American women. Human hair wigs that are easy to maintain and style can come from real Asian, Hispanic or Caucasian hair.

The only downside for human hair wigs is the price rate for they are pricier than that of wigs made of synthetic fibers. The upside of the human hair wigs is that it can be styled, washed, and brushed just like any normal hair. The ethnicity of the hair is unimportant. What matters is the proper way of caring for them. Just like normal hair, human hair wigs need to be regularly washed using lukewarm water, a gentle shampoo, and a thick conditioner to keep it clean and lustrous.

The Different Types of Human Hair Wig EthnicityDifferent-Types-of-Human-Ha

While it has been stated that the ethnicity of human hair wigs is not important, there are types that stand out above the rest. If Asian women are famous for their flawless skin, other ethnic nationalities are also naturally endowed with amazing hair. Here are the top human hair ethnicity suggestions and recommendations found suitable for African-American women.

Brazilian Human Hair Wigs

Brazilian human hair wigs have remained the constant favorite among African-American women because of its thickness, durability, and softness. Choosing Brazilian hair is a great option because of the hair’s versatility that can be styled curly, straight or wavy. The big pluses to the Brazilian human hair wigs are its immunity to frizz and choice of hair color.

Indian Human Hair Wigs

One of the human hair types that is in high regard because of its superior quality is Indian human hair. Indian hair is available in naturally wavy or straight styles are airy, easy to style, easy to style, and weighs very light. The tangle-free while maintaining the natural wavy style of the Indian human hair wigs makes it one of the best wig choices for African-American women.

Malaysian Human Hair Wigs

South African and international celebrities have lately become enamored of Malaysian hair. The natural luster and the luxurious feel of the hair are the best-selling qualities of Malaysian hair. The shine of the hair is natural and very strong. An African-American woman who wants creative and gorgeous curls all the time is guaranteed to enjoy them with Malaysian human hair wigs.

The Different Types of Synthetic Hair Wigs

Made of synthetic fibers, synthetic hair wigs offer options for African-American women who want affordable wigs. The great thing about synthetic hair wigs is their low-maintenance as well as maintaining the hairstyle for their entire lifetime. Here are the different synthetic hair types that can perfectly match any budget and lifestyle.

Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are affordable options that have become increasingly popular. They are versatile, fun, and easy to use and maintain. Like human hair wigs, there are varied types of synthetic hair wigs created to cater to different styles.

Limited hair styling is one of the downsides to synthetic hair wigs. Heat appliances are never to be used for synthetic hair wigs. Another downside is its unnatural shiny color making it tough to blend in with natural hair color.

360 synthetic wigs

A 360 synthetic wig has a front and middle portion coverage enclosed in lace. The front portion provides coverage spanning the distance of both ears. This gives the wearer the option to part their hair in any direction they want. The lace covering the middle enables the wearer to put up their hair or wig in a high ponytail style that will still look natural. It is because the lace covering the back of the wig will make it look like the wearer’s scalp.

Simply put, a 360 synthetic wig is a full wig with a delicate but adjustable lace cuff that entirely covers your hair. The lace design is meant to mimic the natural color of the scalp. This makes it possible for the wearer to part her hair in whatever direction she chooses.

Lace front synthetic wigs

Daily use or reserved for special occasions only wigs is perfectly met by high-quality lace front wigs. The high-quality wigs provide a breathable cap to make them very comfortable for the wearer. The wig coverage usually covers both ears to make it possible for the wearer to adjust her hair partings. The secure strap and the combs built in the wig make head adjustments easy and convenient.

The undetectable hairline provided by lace front wigs gives the illusion of wearing your own hair. The only way people will know you are using them is when you tell them. The wigs are also lighter and more comfortable. The style transformation can be amazing because it looks so natural.

Half wigs

A half wig is the best option when a wig is meant to be worn daily. The affordable price and its extreme availability make it a popular choice for both celebrities and ordinary women. A half wig should have the same color as your natural hair color as it is meant to cover half of your hair. Not all half wigs are synthetic for human hair options are also available. It goes without saying that synthetic half wigs are cheaper than their human hair counterparts.

The advantage of synthetic half wigs is with their holding the style you bought it for the rest of its “natural life.” This does not hold true for the human hair half wigs.

Wig capsWig-caps-1

A wig cap is an essential tool to have when a wearer needs to wear a wig. There are different features to a wig cap ranging from ones made of breathable material to ones that can provide a wearer multi-directional hair parting. The purpose of wig caps is to flatten natural hair before a wig is placed over it. The best quality wig caps are those that will not tear as it flattens the natural hair of the wearer as well as made of breathable material as well to avoid the scalp from getting overheated.

Wig Style for African-American Women

There is something synonymous with wigs, weaves, and African-American women. Why?

It’s probably because of the ingenuity of this particular group that wigs and weaves have become a part of the fashion world. Gone were the days when African-American women have to undergo torture just to sport flowing and straight hair.

Weaves were the first hair fashion introduced by African-American women as a way to become fashionable using the natural kinky curliness of their hair. The wearing of wigs became a natural addition to the weaves.

Wigs were seen as hair lifesavers. Long straight hair can now be possible by using synthetic or human hair wigs. The natural hair of African-American women can now be protected from harsh hair chemicals and appliances for them to enjoy straight hair.

Another reason for African-Americans to wear wigs is because of the natural condition of their hair. While they are naturally blessed with great skin and teeth, their hair comes with a number of issues. The texture of their hair is kinked and prone to dryness. Applying chemicals to their hair to make it conform to what is considered the norm did more harm than good.

Choosing to wear a wig over their natural hair was a fashion move that literally took the fashion world by storm. Caucasian celebrities followed suit after they have seen how a lowly wig such as half wigs can change their looks for the better.

Nowadays, people wearing wigs are a common sight. The emphasis now is to have a wig that enhances the overall appearance of the wearer. For African-American women, the adoption of wig-wearing of other races is one of their significant contributions to modern fashion—especially as they look so gorgeous!