To Love or Not To Love: Nadula Hair

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  • Silkiness Rating 72% 72%
  • Shed Rating 78% 78%
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Nadula Brazilian HairI ordered for Brazilian soft virgin hair body wave from Nadula Hair which came in four bundles. At first, when I took these human hair extensions out of the pack, I felt “okay, classic human hair, not a big deal.”

However, I have had to retrace my steps because this hair is the deal! Even my hair stylist who has experience in deciphering fake hair from real natural hair was very impressed. If you have been perusing different human hair sites for the perfect hair, get in here! This review is honest, I promise to keep it real.

The Quality of Nadula Hair

This hair is very soft, it felt like my natural relaxed hair. Brazilian soft virgin hair from Nadula has a lot of body, and it is very bouncy. The weft of the hair is a decent and the strands are very strong and tight. The hair cuticles are very healthy with a perfect level of elasticity. If you have ever suffered from virgin hair with split ends, I’d like to inform you that this hair has a thick, full and healthy end.

Another feature I really found fascinating about this hair is the medium luster and natural sheen. It blended perfectly with my natural locks. One could hardly tell if I actually did install hair extensions.

The first thing I did immediately I took the hair from the pack was to burn a strand from it. It produced an ashy-white smoke which is how a natural protein hair should burn. Synthetic hair gives off black smoke.

I love the packaging of the hair. It came in a pretty box that made me feel like I stepped back in time to when I used to open those goody boxes during Christmas. The hair color I ordered for was a #1B Natural Black color.

This hair is free of any form of smell or odor associated with many fake hair extensions. However, I noticed a faint smell of shampoo, which I attributed to the local shampoo used at the time of manufacturing. I did not experience any form of itching, neither have I, at any time attempted to scratch my hair.

Nadula Brazilian Hair Coloring

Can You Color Nadula Hair?

The manufacturers claim that it is easier to dye the hair to a darker shade than to a lighter shade.

The Nadula Brazilian body wave is bleachable and easy to dye.

It is recommended to visit a professional salon whenever you want to dye the hair. Changing the hair color too often might truncate the lifespan.

I ran my finger through the hair—no shedding. Any hair that is resistant to shedding is a keeper, and the Nadula Malaysian is a minimum shedding hair.

This soft Brazilian body wave is anti-frizz. I live in a humid region and I haven’t had many issues with frizzing post-installation. It is one of the hair extensions out there that defines the expression “no tangles.” In addition, I try to avoid product build-up, staying in the rain and using wrong hair care products.

I realized that I had no difficulties curling, straightening and styling the hair. This unprocessed human hair can be ironed and permed.

So How Much Does Nadula Hair Cost?

This hair retails at $69 and I feel it is a good price for such a significant find. It is a luxurious product that can be afforded by many. It is really pocket-friendly. Women who have spent three times this amount on poor quality extensions will jump at this offer. A win-win, right?


How To Maintain The Hair?

As wonderful as installing unique hairpieces may feel, lack of maintenance will only make that amazing feeling short-lived. This hair is quite easy to maintain, I put in little effort to ensure that the hair stays beautiful. In order to prevent matting, shedding, and tangling. I use a very good hair extension brush from time to time, I wear satin caps at night and ensure that my hair dries properly whenever I co-wash it.


Does Nadula Hair Last?

The manufacturer of this hair promises a shelf life of about 12 months, I really cannot tell how feasible that is for now seeing that I just installed it. However, I’m banking on the fact that the hair will stay in good condition because so far, I have been impressed with the results.


Honestly, I have not had any reason to doubt the originality of this product. I bought the four bundles to try them out and I am hooked. I will definitely buy more hair pieces from Nadula and recommend them to my pals and family members.