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  • Affordability Rating 86% 86%
  • Smell Rating 93% 93%
  • Silkiness Rating 94% 94%
  • Shed Rating 95% 95%
  • Does it Last? 92% 92%

Her Imports' Overall Rating

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****Update as of April 2018***


Like many other reviews you’ll find online, it seems as if the quality of hair Her Imports provides has gone down recently. At this point we are NO LONGER recommending Her Imports to anyone who want’s a quality weave that will last. Instead, we recommend looking into getting hair from Mayvenn, who is our #1 Recommended Virgin Hair Distributer so far in 2018. Read our full review on them and see actual pictures of their hair here.

Does Her Imports live up to the hype? (YES!…read below for more details)

I started wearing quality weaves when I was 17 years old. Since then, I’ve experimented with and used hundreds of hair extensions and weave brands. At this point, I can probably close my eyes, run my fingers through the strands and be able to tell you which brands the hair I’m touching are. My top pick for 2017 is Her Imports.  Now you’re probably wondering, well what do I really know about products from Her Imports? I can tell you without any doubts that hair extensions and weaves from Her Imports are the best on the market right now. There are some solid reasons why I have fallen in love with the products from this particular company. Now let’s get down to the details ladies!

 StyleCommentsCurrent Specials
brazilian hairBrazilianThe classic - what you see most ladies wearing.Current Specials: Brazilian
her imports peruvian hairPeruvianAnother great look - looser curls.Current Specials: Peruvian
malaysian straight weaveMalaysianFor the ladies how like to wear their hair straight!Current Specials: Malaysian
deep hair weaveDeep WaveFan favorite right here.Current Specials: Deep Wave
Indique Hair logoTight CurlFor those of ya'll that like the natural look!Current Specials: Tight Curl
my hair by her importsMy HairTheir top product - the most premium hair you can purchase today. Current Specials: My Hair Indian Temple

My Experience with “My Hair” Indian Temple

her imports indian temple hairProbably about eight months ago, I ordered Her Import’s limited edition “My Hair” Indian Temple hair. When the package arrived, I was so excited! The product itself was stylish in appearance and looked super nice  high quality right off the bat. Now when I opened the box, OMG the hair, was SO silky to touch. I have been using the hair for eight months now, and I am so happy with my choice! You literally can’t go wrong with this choice or any hair from this brand. Unfortunately, they have discontinued this particular line of hair because not many people could afford it. The top quality locks for “My Hair” are hand-picked from Tirupathi, which is one of the most esteemed temples in India. The premium hair is very popular among some of the world’s most famous celebrities (and who doesn’t want celeb hair…am I right?!). This low maintenance hair is very smooth and with lots of body besides being shiny and appealing. While Her Imports does not offer returns, they do take pride on the quality of their hair and have a 100% guarantee. If you believe your product is defective, they will allow you to send it back within 10 business days of receiving the product, and if they agree, they’ll send you brand new hair back. Remember, when it comes to hair, three important factors shape its beauty and quality: hair quality, origin and brand. I have also tried Brazilian and Peruvian hair from several companies, including Her Imports. Though the quality of Brazilian and Peruvian locks does not match the level of Indian Temple hair, yet Her Imports’ products were relatively more durable, beautiful and elegant. They come in glossy bundles to give you a star-like, gorgeous weaves.

Brazilian Body Wave Virgin

brazilian body wave hair by her importsThe Brazilian Body Wave Virgin style hair from Her Imports is made of 100% genuine Brazilian hair. The weave is highly luxurious in appearance, very smooth in touch and needs low maintenance. The hair will last two years if you take proper care of it. What makes this product stand out from the competition is the propensity of its texture to blend impeccably with most hair types. You can style it with ease and wear it with confidence. To get the most out of this hair, make sure to wash it with a paraben-free shampoo. This will prolong its life and enhance its looks.

Peruvian Body Wave

Then there is the Peruvian Body Wave hair from Her Imports. You can color this hair in amazing ways, thanks to its weight and integral scaffold. What I love the most about this hair is its innate sheen, which reinforces the fact that the product makes use of healthy, original and high-quality hair. This hair would for sure last for more than a year with good care and maintenance.peruvian body wave hair by her imports12


Most companies these days make fake claims and use a poor quality material in their hair. They even make false claims about the origin of the hair just to sell them at premium prices. I used my extensive experience with different types and brands of hairs to assess the hair extensions of Her Imports. I personally tried most of their products, studied reviews all over the Internet, discussed with users, hairstylists and hair experts, closely looked at the company’s website and social networks to come up with the conclusion that all of Her Imports products are made of 100% authentic, human hair.


Hair from Her Imports are absolutely beautiful. The silky strands give a unique aura and natural appearance. The use of 100% human hair in Her Imports’ extensions make the products appear natural. I know for a fact no one can detect if you are wearing  extensions, if it is from Her Imports. All products from the company are stylish, modern and elegant—perfect to leave onlookers awe-inspired on any occasion.

No Tangling and Long Life

deep weave hair by her importsDuring my research, I found that Her Imports handpicks grade 5A or, even more, superior hair for its products. This ensures that your product comes with maximum life, no tangling issue, and least shedding. The average life expectancy for all Her Imports products ranges between 10 to 24 months. Of course, you’ll notice some shedding from month eight onward, but they are almost relatively negligible.


Even better, the products are chemical free, meaning that you can dye and style them with ease. The hair is processed without the use of any chemicals. And unlike the brands from other companies, the process of hair manufacturing at Her Imports makes no use of colors or silicone.

Minimal Shedding and No Itching

Her Imports is now using a sophisticated, wefting procedure that applies a droplet of adhesive and an anti-fungoid agent to the products. This ensures minimal shedding and prevents any fungal agents from growing and making it itchy/uncomfortable. To put the Her Imports weave to the test, I rubbed it vigorously against my skin to see if it created any irritability, I also ran my fingers vigorously through the hair to see how many strands fall out. It did not create any itching, nor did any strands fall out – impressive right? . Her Imports won yet again.


Well, I am a big time swimming lover, and another reason I love hair from Her Imports is I can wear them while swimming. Unlike hair from other companies, Her Imports’ hair stays intact and does not get tangled or become sticky even when you swim. Even better, they look very natural whether you are in a swimming pool or walking to work on a bright, sunny day.


straight hair by her importsNo matter what type of hair you order from Her Imports, they come packed in beautiful boxes, making you feel like a true celeb! I absolutely love love love their packaging!

Maintenance and Care

The products from Her Imports require minimum maintenance and care. Since the locks are genuine and natural, you can wear them anywhere with confidence. However, when you take good care of those beautiful locks, you actually add some months to their life.

Celebrities Wearing Locks from Her Imports

Her Imports products have even taken Hollywood by storm. Porsha Stewart of “Real Housewife of Atlanta” put on Her Imports hair extension on the “Rickey Smiley” show. Celebrity Kimbella Vanderhee of “Love & Hip Hop” was spotted wearing over 30 inches of Her Imports strands. Other stars who have fallen in love with Her Imports include reality star Mimi Faust, Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

Financing and Shipping

tight curl hair by her importsNow, let’s talk about financing your new hair from Her Imports. Well, you do not need to pay in full if you wish to wear one of those premium hair extensions from Her Imports. I used the company’s financing option that allowed me to pay as little as $50 per month for a bundle of 4 products. Even better, you do not need to pay with your credit card because Her Imports works with a financing corporation that actually funds your new hair via your checking account. Unlike other hair lines, Her Imports didn’t make me wait for the package to be shipped. My financing application got approved in minutes, and my package was shipped immediately.


What are you waiting for?! Snag up some good quality hair girl!! Every woman can now wear the best hair on earth for as low as $50 per month. Do I have to spell it out for you? Time to swap out your current weave for some upgraded high quality hair! Her Imports will definitely leave you awe-inspired.


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Her Imports get's a lot of attention on social media - and that attention is certainly deserved! They are a little pricey, but the hair they provide is quality virgin hair.