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Viviscal's Overall Rating

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UPDATE: November 2018

Hair Critics recommends Viviscal as the #1 hair supplement on the market today.

Should You Use The Viviscal Supplement For Hair Growth?

“Viviscal nurtures your hair from the inside, gets your scalp in shape and boosts your hair with volume in addition to giving you thicker, fuller and healthier hair.”

This is directly coming from their website. Now lets dive in and review the product.

I had full, voluminous, healthy and shiny hair until age 21. But as I get older, I am noticing a gradual change in my hair. My locks have became dull, dry and damaged (doesn’t help that I’ve dyed it a few times!). My hair started losing volume, thickness, and fullness. The distressing thoughts of losing my beautiful hair led me to search the Internet for effective hair supplements with the hope to find something that can revitalize my locks. There I stumbled upon Viviscal.

Before I go about sharing my experience with you, let me briefly introduce you to Viviscal.


Who Manufactures Viviscal?

A company called Lifes2good, which has been operating since 1997, manufactures Viviscal. It has a rating of A+ on the Better Business Bureau. You can order Viviscal on the manufacturer’s website or buy it at your nearest drugstore. The company claims that it sells vitamin supplements that can nurture your hair health besides promoting your hair growth.

I read a lot of reviews about Viviscal before giving it a shot. Some of those reviews were promising while others said it didn’t help them at all. Now, let me tell you my story.

Extra Strength Dietary Supplement Pills

viviscal supplement pillsI used the Viviscal supplements consistently for about 3 months until I really started seeing the full results, so you have to be patient with this stuff and not assume it will just magically change your hair overnight. I continued to use them because the results started getting better and better, and by month 6 I was hooked. These really did help me get my hair back! I started noticing a lot of baby hairs growing, and the volume in my hair has come back to life. My hair used to be much thicker before I started dying it, and even that has gotten a lot better since I started using Viviscal.

I admit, stress, bodily changes, bad nutrition habits, age, environmental elements and medical conditions can result in poor hair health. To keep your scalp and hair healthy, you should take all necessary nutrients, and Viviscal can be a great help because I personally noticed visible changes in my hair health from using this supplement. I used biotin for years, and only never really saw much of a difference in my hair texture, but only a few months after I started using these, I truly noticed a change in my hair health.

As per directions written on the package, I used Viviscal two times a day for six months. The tablets have no flavor, so I was able to swallow them with ease. You can take the tablets after eating your meal, but I recommend taking them in the middle of your meal. Make sure to drink plenty of water with it.

During the next few weeks and then months, I notice a gradual change in my hair health and appearance. Remember, the key is to stick religiously to the instructions and never miss even a single pill.

At eight weeks: As I entered my 8th week using Viviscal, I noticed a reduction in my hair shedding. Before that, losing 20 to 25 strands a day was a norm for me. But after using Viviscal for eight weeks, the number started dropping down to somewhere between 15 to 18 strands.

At three months: As I used Viviscal, I noticed slight improvements in my hair thickness, volume, and appearance. It was not until month 4 when I noticed an improvement in my scalp condition. It was able to stay hydrated. The good news is that my hair shedding dropped down to 5 to 10 strands a day.

At six months: I started seeing immense improvement in my hair texture at month 6, it was improving around month 4 but really started getting better at month 6. I also noticed that my hair has improved regarding volume and it was visible. My hair did become much thicker than it had been in years! I have to admit, I had less split ends, and my hair became lustrous too. My hair was also able to retain moisture now. Shedding didn’t decrease much more, but that’s not scary because no matter how healthy your hair, shedding 5 to 15 strands a day is completely normal.



Viviscal is our #1 Recommended Hair Growth Supplement as of November 2018. 

Ingredients in Viviscal Vitamin Supplements

Viviscal ingredientsViviscal is a name synonymous with AminoMar, which is the most effective and powerful element present in the supplements, according to the company. The element triggers hair growth and nurtures the scalp. Furthermore, the company claims that its supplements contain about 22 percent active proteins.

Well, believe it or not, the company says its original formula is grounded in a study that revolved around the Inuit people in the northern parts of the Arctic Circle. Other nutrients present in the supplements include the following:

Vitamin H: Viviscal is rich in Vitamin H, also called Biotin. It is, in essence, a soluble form of Vitamin B complex that acts as a catalyst in the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids in the human body. These elements basically play the most important role in the creation of your hair structure.

Vitamin C: Viviscal also contains Vitamin C, which is a popular antioxidant. It also supports and catalyzes the absorption of iron by your blood, which is important for your hair growth. According to the company, they source Vitamin C for their supplements from acerola cherry.

Iron: Iron is of immense importance when it comes to your overall health, including your hair health. It helps produce red blood cells and expedites the transportation of oxygen to your cells, including your hair follicles. Remember, if you are suffering from iron deficiency, you’ll hair will become thin, and Viviscal has the answer for you.



Side Effects – Is It Safe?

During my research, I came across reviews whereby people alleged that Viviscal has caused side effects for them, some people said it triggered acne and slight weight gain.

Lucky for me, I didn’t experience any side effects from using Viviscal. I would get some intermittent cramps when I would take the tablets on an empty stomach, but I think that was mainly due to a problem with my digestive system. I would suggest not taking them on an empty stomach, try to take them in the middle of your meal or after your meal. According to the company, Viviscal is 100 percent drug-free. Meaning, you will not get addicted to it.


My Thoughts: The Viviscal Pills

Overall, let me tell you frankly that Viviscal supplements are vert effective, even more than the Hairfinity product. My experience with Viviscal was actually pretty great. This is not an overnight fix, but if you’re willing to wait a few months you’ll be able to enjoy a fuller, thicker beautiful hair! I’m still using them, and my hair is honestly getting better and better!



Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner

viviscal shampooViviscal ConditionerThe claims state that the shampoo and conditioner “gently cleanses the hair and scalp, leaving your hair looking fuller and thicker.” The first time I used it, I didn’t see much of a difference, it wasn’t until the second maybe even third time of using it until it really started working for me. My hair really did look more full and thick, I have naturally baby-fine hair, and this shampoo and conditioner combo gave my hair some much-needed life!

Now lets get into the details: As you can see in the unboxing video above, I mention that both these products have a very mild smell; in fact I thought they both smelled rather pleasant. One thing I did not mention in the video was that the you could use both of these on color-treated hair, furthermore these products are suitable for all hair types.

Both products also have a lot of good ingredients for your hair:

Biotin and Zinc – I go into more details about both of these ingredients in the supplements section above.

Keratin: This is actually the name for the protein that is found in your hair that gives it structure. This protein strengthens our hair, thus when using this shampoo and conditioner, you’ll notice a lot less hair fall out and your thinning hair will feel a lot thicker after using it for some time.


My Thoughts: Viviscal Shampoo & Conditioner

Overall, I would definitely recommend getting this shampoo and conditioner if you are struggling with limp, lifeless, thinning hair. These two products have honestly changed the way I feel about my hair. This may sound silly but I feel more confident and sexy when I use this shampoo! I will definitely continue to keep these two products in my rotation.



30 Day, "No Hassle", Money Back Guarantee !

Viviscal is our #1 Recommended Hair Growth Supplement as of November 2018. 

Growth Densifying Elixir

Viviscal Densifying ElixirAlongside the shampoo and conditioner, this also took me a few tries until I started to see the difference of using this product. The claims state that this product is “The ultimate, lightweight, body-boosting leave-in treatment for thicker looking hair.” Do I agree with this statement? And I would have to agree. When using this product, be sure to follow the directions very closely or you will end up using too much product and it will make your hair look and feel slightly oily. The directions say to use 2-3 pumps, but if your have hair that is rather fin then I would use 2 for starters.

The main ingredients of the densifying elixir are actually the same as the shampoo and conditioner: Biotin, Zinc and Keratin…starting to see a pattern? The reason all of the Viviscal products have the same active ingredients is because they truly work. If you would like more details about these ingredients, perhaps you are only interested in the elixir and didn’t get a chance to read the other reviews, please refer to the supplements review for more details above.




My Thoughts: Viviscal Densifying Elixir

I’ve been using this product for about 3 months, and I could really see the difference of how thick my hair looks. When I don’t use this product my hair looks flat, and lifeless, but adding just two pumps of this stuff really transforms my hair. I will continue to use this product and will be purchasing more when I run out.

Here is the link I purchased my Elixir from –> Click Here.



Conceal and Densify Volumizing Fibers

Viviscal Volumizing fibersThis product is honestly pretty awesome, I’ve never seen anything like it. I like to use this for special events to just give my hair that extra boost of looking full! When using this product, be careful and use as directed otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of the product. The best way to use the product is by gently squeezing some out and brushing it through the roots. You’ll honestly start seeing this work in a matter of seconds. As described on the Viviscal website, this product contains “microscopic, electrostatically chared fibers which stick to the hair creating a volumized look.” And honestly, they do just that. This product blends well, and really looks natural. Another great thing about this product is, it doesn’t get on your clothes, or hats or even pillow! I have white sheets, ad this does not carry over on them, on days that I don’t want o wash my hair. There is only one claim I have yet to test is whether it is truly rain proof. I feel like that might be a stretch since it washes out when you shower, so I am not sure I will ever be testing this claim, but everything else is remarkable about this product.




My Thoughts: Viviscal’s Volumizing Fibers

If you are looking for a quick fix, and don’t want to commit to taking supplements daily and are more so looking for “quick” results, I would highly recommend you get this product. I mean it when I say you will see your thinning spots disappear in under one minute when you put this product in your hair. If you want to feel good about your hair, I would definitely give this product a try.


Get Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair Today

Viviscal is our #1 Recommended Hair Growth Supplement as of November 2018. 
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