Should You Buy Hair Bundles Or Rather Opt For Separate Sets Of Extensions At Mayvenn Hair?


TheBrazilian Loose Wave Bundleare millions of people that wear weaves – most of these people wear weaves without anyone realizing it. This is, in the end, the ultimate goal of weaves – to create a natural look that allows you to improve the way your hair looks without anyone knowing that it’s not your own hair. There are other reasons why people wear weaves too, such as to hide the fact that their hair is thinning or to experiment with a completely different style without having to potentially mess up their natural hair. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain amongst anyone who wears weaves – real virgin human hair extensions are expensive, with the majority of sets going for over $60 and sometimes even reaching prices as high as $200.

With a single set of hair extension costing so much money and the fact that you often need three or more to cover your entire head, opting for a bundle might be the better option when you think about the fact that you get to pay a discounted rate for multiple sets of hair extensions. In many cases, hair extensions only cost a certain percentage of how much they usually cost when you buy them in a bundle. This is a benefit that a lot of people have taken advantage of, but not all might be good when it comes to choosing this particular options. Let’s take a look at whether you should buy your hair extensions loose or as part of a bundle.

The Benefits Of Buying A Hair Bundle

Let’s first look at the benefits you can look forward to when opting for a hair bundle instead of buying your hair extension sets separately. The most significant and obvious benefit is the fact that you can save quite a lot of money when you buy a bundle instead. For example, when you buy a Brazilian Yaki straight hair extensions bundle from Mayvenn Hair, you only pay $59 for each of the extensions. Such a bundle would include three extension sets, each of a different length. When purchased loose, they will cost you more than $59 per piece.

The Drawbacks Of Buying A Hair Bundle

hair bundlesWhile the fact that you can save some money when buying a bundle might be an attractive feature that makes you want to opt for a hair bundle instead of buying loose, you should consider that there are some drawbacks to buying a bundle instead. The primary drawback that people often face when they opt for a bundle is the fact that they cannot select customized options for each of the hair pieces that are included in the bundle. Since they may be trying to create a unique style, buying three hair pieces that are the same may not be sufficient for achieving the particular look they are after.

In addition to this drawback, it is also important that many suppliers of hair pieces tend to include their lower quality products when a customer buys a bundle, and reserves their higher quality extensions for those who are buying the hair pieces separately.


Hair extensions that are made from real human hair tend to cost a lot of money, and multiple sets of these extensions are need if you wish to cover your entire head. In addition to these extensions, closures or frontals may also be needed if you wish to make the extensions look natural. Opting for a hair bundle may be a better option if you wish to save some money, but you should consider both the benefits and the drawbacks before opting for a bundle.