vixen sew-in braidsVixen sew-in hair extensions are more than just a hairstyling technique. The name alone already tells you this sew-in oozes glamor, sexiness, and confidence.

The vixen sew-in involves braiding your hair in a quadrant pattern, where your hair would be parted into four quadrants with each then braided into a beehive pattern. Some hair around each quadrant would be left out for you to get to showcase your style and creativity when creating parts between quadrants.

What Makes Vixen Sew-Ins So Special?

The major advantage associated with vixen sew-in natural hair extensions is the umber of styling options they offer at your disposal. This is as a result of the sew-in method allowing you to compartmentalize multiple sections of your hair; therefore, allowing more looks without tracks even being seen. So be it that you are in a mood for a pigtail braid, a ponytail, a bun or you simply just want to let it all down, with the vixen sew-in, the choice is all yours.

This sew-in goes well on all textures and looks quite seamless owing to its ability to blend in naturally with your hair.

Maintenance is as simple as can be, seeing that you can easily wash and moisturize your hair due to the portion of your natural hair that is exposed.

Anything You Should Worry About?

Even though it offers a great level of uniqueness, the vixen sew-in also comes with a few disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages include:

Affects hair health

Vixen sew-in extensions are known to affect hair health sometimes. This is because some parts of your hair are covered and protected while other parts are left out and exposed. This isn’t so with most normal weaves and sew-ins, but common with the vixen sew-in. This can cause an uneven hair health to your hair, but if your hair matches the texture and color of your vixen sew-in, then you should have troubles dealing with that, although your hair would require more maintenance and care. 

Too much tension

Unlike other sew-ins, vixen sew-in extensions add a bit of extra tension to your hair. This can sometimes be uncomfortable, but by making sure the vixen sew-in isn’t done too tightly, you should be just fine with these weave hairstyles.

Not for everyone

The vixen sew-in is not for everyone. Those who have soft, weak or damaged hair should try to avoid getting a vixen sew-in, as it is intended for strong, flexible, and long hair.

Hair Conditions for Having a Vixen Sew-in

There are a number of conditions in which your hair should meet before having a vixen sew-in. Not meeting up with some of these conditions might cause a great deal of maintenance and care, as well as more expenses. The vixen sew-in is perfect for:

  • Healthy hair
  • Full hair
  • Long hair (ponytail length)
  • All kinds of hair textures including natural, curly, etc.