Side-Part-Sew-inWhen it comes to improving on your appearance as a fashionable female, a simple relocation of your hair’s parting can have a strong impact. This is where the side part sew-in comes in.

This style helps make a statement as it is different from the typical center parts often worn by a lot of women. Side part sew-in extensions have the ability to highlight the eyes, slim the face, and emphasize the cheekbones. These factors have made these human hair extensions a favorite from the runways to the street. Side part sew-in can work with a pixie, a bob, long Rapunzel locks, and a mid-length hair. Here are some quick steps on how to make the perfect side part sew-in that looks like natural hair.

What You Need to Make a Fly Looking Hair Style Using Side Part Sew-in Extensions

  • Hairbrush
  • Rattail comb
  • Sectioning clips
  • Weave-in cap
  • Hair extensions (wefts)
  • C-curve needles
  • Hair thread
  • Scissors
  • Hair elastics (optional)

How To Style Your Side Part Sew-In

  1. The first step is to deep condition your hair properly.
  2. Part your hair on whichever side you prefer.
  3. Then, create two braids that will be your “leave out” hair. These braids will be opened to create a more blended and natural effect.
  4. Create two cornrow braids parallel to your leave out braids and your parting, one on either side. These “anchor” braids are where you will stop sewing in your extensions and should be about ½ an inch in width.
  5. Now, the rest of your side part sew-in hair will be braided in cornrows that go back towards the back of your head. This is where the rat tail comb and section clip are required to create neat partings and to move the loose hair out of the way.
  6. Sew the ends of all your braids to each other, laying them flat against your head.
  7. To reduce the strain on your scalp, put on your weave-in cap. Place it just behind the leave out braids at the front and back of your head.
  8. Thread the C-curve needle with a strand of thread that is about the same the length as your arm.
  9. Take your first weft of hair extensions and lay it all along the nape of your neck. Sew it in by pushing the needle first through the weft, then the cap, and then the braid.
  10. Work your way up your head, curving the wefts to slowly align with your parting.
  11. Sew your last weft of extensions into the anchor braids that are parallel to your parting.
  12. Neatly cut off the weave in the cap from around your weave in braids.
  13. Open your leave in braids and shake out all your hair to blend them in completely.
  14. You can choose any style you want to achieve that glamorous look!