Free-Part-Sew-inIt’s almost every woman’s dream to look like a goddess. Every woman wants something that would make her stand out from other women when it comes to appearance. Luckily, the free part sew-in is the perfect hairstyle that would help her achieve that. These saw-ins not only offers high versatility but also delivers incredibly natural-looking hair.

It is a very common perception among cultures all over the world that a woman’s beauty stems from her hair. This is very true as your hair highlights both your outward and inner beauty. Which is why women around are always looking for comfortable and effective ways to improve their hair. Sew-in weaves has become highly popular today, especially among African-American women. One such type of sew-in weave that has become a particular favorite among women is the free part sew-in.

What Is A Free Part Sew-In?

Free part sew-in, also known as a free part lace closure, is a weave in that is used in closing sew-in installations, making sure that inner queen in you shines through. The sew-in allows you the choice and uniqueness of parting your hair in any desired way, be it a curvy part, a zigzag part or the way you part your normal hair, this type of sew-in allows for these. Meaning women who love to wear their hair straight back are not left out, as the free part sew-in hair extensions not only provide this but would give it a natural look as though it were coming right from your scalp.

The sew-in free part is made from either Swiss lace or French lace and eliminates the need of having to perform blending on your hair.

Differences Between the Free Part Sew-in and Other Sew-in Types

They say your hair is a reflection of your unique style. This is true, as free part sew-in hair extensions with human hair come as a modern hairstyle and are very useful for creating that unique beauty.

Like with differences in tight braids and box braids for hair, there are several differences between the sew-ins that are free part and other sew-in types. Below are some of those differences.

  • The free part sew-in can be installed almost anywhere, unlike other sew-in types, which, during installation, must have specific parts to be installed such as the middle and side parts sew-ins. And, even with a slight error during installation, this type of sew-in can still give you your desired look.
  • The free part sew-in gives you that 100% natural look and style, making it almost impossible to see what’s underneath. However, the other sew-in types do not work this way. In such cases, you will get the unique look you have always wanted but you just may find a region that you tried covering to be obvious.