A Popular Brand Behind The Makeup Box Service

Sephora is a French cosmetics franchise company established in 1969. The famous stores feature over 300 brands, along with their own private line. They offer all kinds of beauty products like makeup, fragrance, skincare nail polish, and hair care. Today, Sephora’s popularity has skyrocketed as it is one of the most famous beauty and makeup stores in the US. By presenting their beauty subscription box called Sephora Play, Sephora is making it even easier to get your favorite beauty products. With Sephora Play, you receive the most famous products with a monthly selection of samples handpicked from Sephora’s shelves.

Unlike many other popular beauty brands, Sephora Play only offers one subscription plan. Each product package is $10 a month with free shipping. Boxes usually arrive within three to five days around the 20th of every month. Customers receive an email when their box ships, so they can always track it to the doorstep. Subscriptions are in extremely high demand, and they are adding new subscriptions every month as they continue to grow.

In most Sephora Play reviews, the positives definitely outweigh all the negatives. Many members value the consistency of high-end products and big sample sizes. You will never feel cheated for your money. The only complaints were about the fact that Sephora Play is exclusive to the United States market. However, many forgot the fact that Sephora Play has only been present for one year or so. It is highly likely that they will expand to other continents over time.

Sephora Play Subscription

Each month members who subscribe to Sephora Play Subscription get 5 deluxe sample products with additional fragrance bonus all in one bag. Here are some of the bonuses that are available every month with Sephora Play Subscription:

Play! Pass:

Inside every bag you’ll receive a ticket. If you bring it into your local Sephora store, you can redeem 50 Beauty Insider points and a free one-on-one tutorial that is specifically for you. The only catch is that tickets expire 30 days following receipt. So, you should always check the back of card for specific expiration date and act fast!

Play! Dates:

These private, subscriber-only events give you and one friend of your choice the opportunity to come into a Sephora store and play with the products that complement the ones you received in your monthly box. This is a great way to get comfortable using your new products.

The How-To’s:

Each month you will receive access to how-to videos, fun tutorials, and a great deal of tips on how to use your beauty products. This is great for customers who couldn’t make it to a Play! Date or who would rather stay at home.

Sephora Play Box

Every month for $10 you get a sweet black and white striped Sephora box in the mail. Inside the box is a drawstring bag with a theme on it that holds all of your beauty products for that month.

Sephora Play LogoThe bags are cute, but they are made of a thin cloth that can sometime get a little dirty so you should be careful with the bag. However, it is perfect for holding small items and could be a great accessory while traveling.

You get 6 items it total (7 if you include the exclusive bag that only PLAY! subscribers have access to). One of those samples is always a fragrance sample, and the rest are a mix of any beauty products sold at Sephora. It could be anything from makeup, skincare, haircare, and many more things.

Sephora play Box also comes with a beauty insider bonus card. You have the opportunity to take it into your local Sephora and earn 50 extra beauty insider points with any further purchase. The more points you gather the more free samples you can get in store (and online) with purchases. If you are a fan of top-notch makeup PLAY! by Sephora is the subscription service for you.

Sephora Play vs Birchbox

Sephora Play only offers beauty products that are available in Sephora. This is great if you want to avoid some lower-end samples. The brands Sephora Play offers tend to be on the higher end of the price range.

One of the biggest differences between these two gigants is that Sephora, unlike Birchbox, does not allow customers to fill out a profile with their specific beauty needs or makeup preferences.

On the other hand, Birchbox offers both high- and low-end products, usually skincare and hair care with a few makeup items as well. Also, they’ve partnered with many other famous brands in order to give customers a wide variety of beauty products to choose from.

Sephora Play vs Ipsy

From websites like Ipsy to Birchbox, there are a lot of great options out there when it comes to beauty boxes. Taking all into consideration, Sephora Play is definitely among the best. Ipsy is well-liked for excellent value for cost, but some of the brands you receive may not be exclusive. For the same rate of $10, Sephora Play offers a wide variety of products that usually cannot be found at your local drug store. Sephora Play has set the bar high with their creative themes and very special bonuses. In comparison to other viable beauty boxes out there, there isn’t one like Sephora Play.

Sephora Play is perfect for customers who want to experiment with expensive beauty products while still keeping things at an affordable cost. Since it is a service that is only available in the US, it may not be a good option for customers who live outside of the United States. ​If you have an interest in beauty and want to experiment with some of the latest and high end products, then Sephora Play is the perfect fit for you.

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