Sally Beauty Hair Extensions [Honest Review]

Don’t wait for a good hair day anymore; make your every day good with hair extensions.

Every woman dreams of perfect hair she can style however she wants without breaking the bank.

If you are looking to get longer, thicker hair, and can't wait until your short hair grows long, then the perfect solution to your problem is hair extension.

Sally Beauty is the world’s largest retailer that provides you with the best salon-quality hair extensions.

The brand has successfully made its place as a renowned name in the industry, primarily known for its top-notch quality hair products.

Sally’s hair extensions are the easiest way to get thick, long hair in just a matter of minutes, without any professional help and additional cost.

The hair extensions at Sally are made with extra care. When other hair extensions can give you a tough call to manage their proper application, wearing Sally’s Beauty hair extension is an easy peasy job.

Simply hook the clips open and snap them close to the roots of your hair. They require only a little practice, and you are all set to rock your outlook wearing Sally's hair extensions.

Sally Beauty Hair Extensions

Are you confused between a wide variety of hair extensions and are looking for the perfect hair extension to bring you into the limelight wherever you go?

Your search ender is here! Sally Beauty is a famous brand known for its versatile creations in the fashion and beauty domain.

Sally Beauty’s hair extensions are an exclusive choice to make every woman’s dream hair look come true.

Designed right according to the customer’s needs, the brand offers a vast variety in-store and online.

You can trust Sally Beauty’s hair extensions with the health, safety, and hygiene of your natural hair.

Sally Beauty makes sure to provide the safest and easiest option for you in this regard.

Here, we have reviewed the three most demanding hair extensions from Sally Beauty’s wonderful collection to make your job easier.

Sally’s Beauty 18 Inch Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

Sally's clip-in hair extension comprises 100% premium Remy hair, the highest grade human hair extension exclusively curated during the entire manufacturing process. 

The brand Sally's promotes alignment of the hair cuticles, which significantly reduces tangles and mimics natural hair flow. 

Sally’s clip-in human hair extensions are an excellent aid for ladies who play sports regularly, or those who regret their haircut, or maybe for someone who just wants to shine bright in long hair without having to grow long hair in reality.

Sally’s 18 Inch clip-in human hair extensions are an excellent way for enhancing density to thin and fine hair, causing no damage to your natural hair or impeding hair growth in the meantime.

You can easily apply for this hair extension all by yourself at home - without any damage.

What makes it durable and non-harmful is the fact that you can attach it easily without any glue or weaving.

In addition to these hallmarks, these clip-in human hair extensions give you a wide, versatile color range to choose from.

The best thing is you can wear Sally’s clip-in extensions anytime. However, we recommend removing them in certain conditions when they might get tangled and ruin your natural hair.

Remember to detach your extensions while sleeping, showering, swimming, or doing any other physical activity.

It only takes 1-2 minutes to clip in and clip out your extension, so we recommend removing it daily to keep the extension’s quality.

Straight Brown 26 Inch Drawstring Ponytail

Who wants to go through the hassle of combing and styling the hair in a ponytail? When you have an option just to wear your Sally’s drawstring ponytail and be the highlight of the day.

Sally's straight brown 26-inch drawstring ponytail from the sassy collection is bound to add a fun touch to their look for a special event.

Sassy straight drawstring ponytails are ready-to-wear styles that completely transform your look in no time. No matter if it’s your dance class, sports gala, or a girls’ party.

You can always remain one step forward with this hairpiece that helps you create an elegant and modern look instantly.

Not only does it give you a hassle-free hairstyle, but it also comes at an affordable price. Make your hair look 2x fuller and longer instantly.

You can color your ponytail extensions as they are made of 100% human hair, but do not bleach them. Bleaching can harm the shine of hair extensions.

The straight Drawstring Ponytail is washable and can be gently washed with a shampoo specifically for hair extensions.

However, do not use bleach, perm, or any harsh chemicals because that can alter the hair extension. It already comes pre-curled.

The hair extension is available in brown and off-black color for styling. Go with it without adding any extra touch.

Pro Tip:

We have got something more for you. You can quickly tighten the ponytail as per your desire with this simple tip.

First, tie your hair in a ponytail, wrap the hairpiece around your ponytail and then tug the string to tighten.

Sally’s Silky Darkest Brown 18 Inch Human Hair Extension

If you wish for dark silky shades that give you the cherry on the top of your overall look, Sally’s silky straight darkest brown extensions are here to provide you with the dream look you always wanted.

These hair extensions by Sally are quick and easy to complete your look with long, full fluff hair in just minutes, with no damage to your natural hair.

You can wear them every day to add charisma to your casual look as well as for special occasions, weddings, birthdays, and any other formal or informal event.

You can wear a complete set, or just a few wefts, to give yourself that boom silky smooth hairstyle.

With Sally’s straight darkest brown 18-inch human hair extensions, the possibilities are endless!

The best thing about it is you can use either the glue/bonding method or weave it. You can curl your Sally hair extension but be careful to set the heat low at 120C/250F because anything above this limit can bring harm to your hair.

You can also go for steam or dry rollers that cause less stress to hair and scalp than heat tools.

Using steam or dry rollers will secure the extension and ensure a longer-lasting shine.

To be extra cautious, you need to wash these extensions regularly, just like your natural hair, to keep the scalp moisturized.

Do brush your extensions before and after use and throughout the day with a detangling hairbrush.

Do not use products that have UV, as it might discolor your extension.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whichever type of Sally’s hair extensions you choose based on your style and needs, we recommend having a consultation with a hair extensions technician.

A professional will comprehend the full scope of getting hair extensions and inform you whether a hair extension is suitable for your hair type?

Lastly, always be sure that the extensions aren’t attached too tightly to your scalp, that they might cause stress and damage to your natural hair.

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