A Complete Guide To Remy Hair

Remy is a word that gets thrown around a lot. And, for those who are new to hair products, this is just one of the many terms that can be difficult to comprehend.

WhetRemy-Hairher or not human hair extensions and wigs are Remy will have a considerable impact on the quality and longevity of the hair. This is why it’s important to understand the differences between Remy and non-Remy products. This article explains what Remy hair is, how to go about choosing it, and a few tips to take care of Remy hair.

What Does Remy Mean?

Remy hair is a type of human hair, which is collected from a donor and then taken through minimal processing to give it a soft, silky, and tangle-free texture. But what makes Remy hair very unique is that all its cuticles are properly aligned with the hair strands. To put it simply, these cuticles are made to face the same direction, as they would if they had been growing naturally on an individual’s scalp.

When hair grows naturally from your scalp, each cuticle faces a similar direction. So, Remy human hair behaves in the same way. But, for non-Remy hair, the cuticles face opposite directions and this has the effect of causing tangling. Also, non-Remy hair does not have the soft texture you find in Remy hair strands. This is caused by friction, which is brought about by the fact that you are brushing cuticles against their natural direction.

Now, you are probably wondering whether there’s any need to care about the direction of the cuticles. Well, the hair cuticle is one of the most important layers of the hair. In fact, this is the layer responsible for protecting hair and locking in moisture. In the absence of this layer, your hair can be easily damaged through styling, excessive brushing, and extreme heat.

Types of Remy Hair

If you’re considering purchasing Remy hair extension, there are two main options to choose from: virgin and non-virgin. Virgin Remy hair is one that has not been modified using any chemical means. This enables it to retain the original color and texture that it had when it was growing on the donor’s scalp.

On the other hand, non-virgin Remy hair has undergone some form of chemical processing; hence, altering its color and texture. Virgin hair is superior to the non-virgin human hair. The only problem is that since Virgin Remy hair products come in their original colors, one has to have a very specific type of hair that matches. So, if your hair is neither dark brown nor black, you might have a hard time finding virgin Remy hair that has an identical hair color.

Choosing Remy Hair

Whether you are buying an extension or a wig, Remy is the best option to go for. However, there are a couple of things you should take into account to ensure you get Remy hair of the highest quality.

Know Your Product

Remy hair products are superior to any synthetic or natural hair you will find on the market. Hair extensions and wigs made of Remy tend to have a natural shine, long length, luster, strength, and softness. Knowing this, you should not think of going for other type of human hair other than Remy.

Take Care of Your Own Hair

Even though Remy will make you look good, you need not add it on hair that is in poor condition. Keep in mind that using weaves and extensions continually can wreck your hair follicles and scalp. Therefore, before installing Remy hair, ensure that you are taking care of your own hair.

Pick the Right Length

High-quality Remy hair product is only going to look good on you if you select wisely. Don’t go for a particular Remy hair extension just because everyone is wearing it. Instead, consider your body features such as the face of your shape, body type, and height. This way, you can determine the perfect length of hair that suits you.

Choose the Style Wisely

If you plan to style Remy hair on your own, then you should choose a style that matches your lifestyle. Before styling, think about your profession, aspirations, preferences, skin tone, and more. Styling is unique to every individual so you shouldn’t go for a style just because others are going for it. Find a style that you like and stick to it.

Buy From a Reputable Seller

Not all products advertised as Remy hair are of superior quality. As explained later in the article, some manufacturers try to cut corners by making low-quality Remy hair. So, before buying, research the brand you’re purchasing from. Do they have positive reviews from previous clients? Do they have excellent customer support?

Consult a Hair Expert

Even though you’ve found the right Remy hair product and have experience styling it, consulting a professional wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it’s much better to let an expert hair stylist install this type of hair extensions. This way, you have guaranteed that it’s installed well so as to keep your natural hair and scalp in great condition. If you’re not sure the best style that suits you, a professional can help you determine this.

What Is Stripped Remy Hair?

There’s one more thing you need to consider when buying Remy hair: not all hair is processed in the same way. Some hair manufacturers take shortcuts that help to keep their productions costs down but at the expense of their customers. One technique these manufacturers use is referred to as “stripping.” What this means is that every this type of hair has been stripped off its cuticles so that, regardless of the hair’s direction, the cuticles have zero impact on this. If you find Remy extensions that are produced using this method, you should not purchase them. The hair cuticles are essential as they determine the longevity of Remy hair wigs and extensions.

Afriacan-Remy-HairBenefits of Remy Hair

Many African-American women long to have quality hair that has volume, great length, and one that gives them a rich look. If you wish to have hair with any of these features, there’s no better choice than Remy hair extensions and weaves. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in Remy hair.

Quality Hair Extensions

Unlike other types of hair sold on the market, Remy hair has the highest quality, primarily because its cuticles are retained and properly aligned. Remy hair extensions are taken through a process that does not involve chemical use. This process enables the cuticles to remain intact. If you’ve grown weary of hair extensions that lose their luster and soft texture within days, you should switch to Remy hair extensions.

Longer Lifespan

Don’t you just hate it when you spend thousands of dollars on hair extensions that don’t last as long as you had hoped they would? Most hair extensions on the market get wrecked within a very short amount of time. Remy extensions, however, have a long lifespan making them worthy of your investment.

A Style of Your Choosing

Very few extensions offer the versatility you get from Remy hair. Most synthetic hair extensions are just not flexible, which means you can’t try different hairstyles and hairdos. But with this type of hair, you can try out any hairstyle of your choosing. Remy hair extensions can even be dyed and they’ll retain all their excellent attributes.

Caring for Remy Hair

Brush Your Remy Hair

Once you have your Remy hair installed, it’s important that you brush it every day before bedtime and before washing it. This helps to get rid of the naturally-occurring tangles. However, it’s not advisable to brush your hair when it’s wet. In this state, the hair follicles are more vulnerable to breakage. When brushing this type of hair, start from the bottom.

Invest in a Vent BrushVent-Brush

The best brush to use on Remy hair is a vent brush. This kind of brush has soft yet flexible pins, which are ideal for gentle styling. Also, this brush usually has gaps in between the bristles, which allow sufficient airflow.

Cover Remy Hair When Sleeping

Another crucial thing you need to do is to cover your hair using a cap or headscarf before sleeping. The best head scarves for Remy hair are those made from silk or satin material. Wrapping your hair prevents shedding while you sleep. It also keeps it tangle-free as you shift around at night.

Wash Using Warm Water

When washing your Remy extensions, you should use only warm water. Using very hot water will only cause damage to the hair extension, your scalp, and cuticles. Besides warm water cleans Remy hair more effectively than cold water. Warm water is also good at removing dirt and oil from your hair.


If you have bought a Remy hair wig, the best place to keep it is on a wig stand. Ensure the wig stand is placed in a cool and dry area so as to prevent it from being exposed to extreme temperatures. By storing your Remy hair properly, you help it to maintain its style and shape.

Get a Professional Hair Service

While there are a couple of hair routine tasks that you can do on your own, some are better left to professional stylists. For instance, if you’re planning to dye your Remy hair, you should have this done at your local salon. Dying Remy hair on your own is not the only risk but it can also turn out very badly. The same applies when trimming. If you want a shorter length, then consult an expert hairdresser.

Use the Right Hair Care Products

When you wear a Remy hair—whether it’s a wig or a hair extension—you should give it proper care just as you would with your hair. That said, it’s vital you invest in quality hair products that are friendly to your extensions. This entails the products you use to shampoo, condition, and style. Here are a few products to consider:

Sulfate-free Shampoo

When washing this type of hair, you’ll need to use a shampoo that has no sulfate. Unfortunately, the majority of the shampoos available contain tons of chemicals that can ruin your hair over time. Even the conditioner you buy should be sulfate-free. By using these sulfate-free products, you ensure that the Remy hair retains moisture and color. Plus, it’s gentle on your scalp.

Leave-in Conditioner

When it comes to conditioning Remy hair, the best option to go for is leave-in conditioner. There are those who prefer to use an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner. However, a leave-in conditioner is better in that it prevents tangling and dryness.

Protective Hair Serum

One of the drawbacks of exposing Remy hair to elements is that it dries out and becomes brittle. This can happen to Remy hair and your natural hair as well. To combat this problem, you should consider using a protective hair serum, and one that is specifically designed for this type of hair. This hair product helps to coat and seal the hair; thus, protecting it from the harsh rays of the sun. What’s more, this product also prevents Remy hair from tangling.


If you have Remy hair wig or extension, you might have to remove it temporarily before getting into a swimming pool. No matter how much you may want to show it off, the chemical in some pools is not Remy-friendly. If you do not want to remove the Remy, then ensure you wash it in cold water to prevent the cuticles from becoming weak.

The Bottom Line

Remy hair look is an example of natural, unprocessed human hair. In fact, it resembles an individual’s own hair. Even though it may cost more to buy Remy hair, the extra investment is worth. For one, Remy wigs and extensions last longer than their synthetic counterparts. Also, they have a soft and lustrous look that’s not present in synthetic hair.

When choosing Remy hair, use a little spare time to learn a few things about it, choose the length and style wisely, and consult an expert from time to time. You will also have to invest in specific hair products that cannot damage this type of hair. These include sulfate-free shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and protective hair serum.