The Straight Hair Style You’ve Been Looking For!

Peruvian Straight HairLike with Brazilian hair, Peruvian straight hair extensions are sleek and smooth! It is a very healthy human hair type and is great for styling as it can be worn in many different ways. You can wear it as it is or you can curl it for a fun and flirty look. It is very versatile but also easy to care for!

Peruvian straight hair is an excellent alternative to hair that has been chemically relaxed. If you treat your extensions well, they will be much healthier than relaxed hair which can tend to dry out over time.

Be warned that this type of virgin hair tends to curl up when it gets wet. You may need to straighten it after styling. Make sure to use a heat protector for the sake of your hair’s longevity and to prevent frizz. You should brush your hair out twice daily with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb—once when you wake up and once when you go to bed.

How to Care for Your Peruvian Straight Hair

You should wash your hair at least once a week, depending on your natural hair and your already established routine. Start by detangling your hair with your fingers. You can then wash it in the shower and rinse it out thoroughly in downward movements. It is a good idea to deep condition your hair and to let it air dry.

You can style your Peruvian straight hair as you would your own hair. That means you can dye it, blow dry it, straighten it, and curl it. Over time, of course, repeated actions will cause your virgin hair to break down. The more heat that you use the less amount of time your hair will last. When you do style it, be sure to use low temperatures and to use a heat-protecting spray. If you bleach and dye your hair, the texture will change, so just keep that in mind before you make any permanent decisions.

It is best to put your hair up before sleeping on it. There are a variety of products that you can use to keep your hair looking silky and smooth. If it starts to seem dry, treat it with some argon oil.

Other Styles of Peruvian Hair