Mayvenn Hair Silk Closures


After installing a bundle of weaves into your natural hair, whether it is to cover up damage, protect your natural hair or to add extra length without waiting for hair to grow, you may notice that your hair does not look “complete”, but instead seems like something might be missing. This is quite normal as many women will notice that it is quite obvious that extensions were installed when viewing their head from the front or from the top after the installation of the hair extensions has been completed. By installing a closure in addition to the installed extensions, this feeling will go away as the look will really seem like it is “complete”.

When buying a closure, it might be somewhat difficult to choose the best one for your specific installation. There are a lot of different options that a person can choose from when they buy closures on the internet or at a physical location, and when you do not choose the right options, then the closure may not perfectly suit your installation and your preferences. Since closures can also be quite expensive, it is vital that you choose the right options to ensure you do not pay more than you have to.

Closure Options

When you visit Mayvenn Hair’s website and navigate to their closures page, then you’ll notice that they have different sections where options can be selected to customize the specific closure you wish to purchase. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.

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  • Color: You will start customizing your closure by selecting the hair color that the closure should have. This is important as the color you choose will determine which options become available to you in the other sections that follows this particular option.
  • Style: Once a color has been chosen, you will proceed to selecting the style of the hair you wish to purchase. While most brands tend to include straight, wavy and curly as their primary options, Mayvenn Hair has further divided their style options into more unique options. Their options include straight, yaki straight, body wave, loose wave and water wave. Opting for a deep wave, kinky straight or curly closure will incur further costs.
  • Origin: Another important decision to make is the origin of the hair used in the closure. Brazilian is the default option in most cases and also often the most popular choice, but the origin can be changed to Malaysian, Peruvian or Indian if such an option would better suit your hair.
  • Material: This is probably the most important decision to make when you want to buy a closure from Mayvenn Hair. The material option refers to the type of material that is used in the setting or base of the closure. While a lace closure is the default option and would not incur any additional fees, it is important to consider the advantages that a silk closure may be able to provide you. Upgrading to a silk closure does, however, add an additional $81 to your order.
  • Length: The final customization option is the length of the closure. You should choose a length that suits the length of the extensions you would like to install to maintain a natural look.


If you want to ensure your weave installation looks at its very best, you should consider adding a closure after your weave has been installed. A particular option that has a significant impact on the total cost of a closure is the material type that is used for its setting; thus knowing whether or not you really need to upgrade to a silk-based setting instead of a lace-based setting is important to avoid unnecessary costs.