Mayvenn Hair Offers Peruvian Hair In Just About Every Style Imaginable


One of the most important decisions that a person needs to make when they would like to buy a weave is the origin of the hair they would like to buy. There are numerous types of hair origins that can be purchased both online and at your local weave store, and each of these has certain characteristics that makes it unique from the others and perfect for certain natural hair types. Peruvian hair is particularly popular amongst those who like to wear weaves for many reasons. This particular type of hair often costs somewhat more than Brazilian and some of the other choices that a person is presented with, but it certainly holds up to the standards that are expected from it.

peruvian hairLux Weave explains that Peruvian hair extensions are some of the most natural looking and feeling types you can buy. People usually try to achieve a look that is as natural as possible; thus opting for a hair type that looks as natural as possible is the ultimate goal. Apart from its natural look, Peruvian hair is also known to be very comfortable to wear and does not cause itching like some of the other hair types might. Furthermore, extensions made from Peruvian hair is lightweight, which means it would not feel like your hair is weighing you down if you decide to install a couple of hair extension sets that are made from Peruvian hair.

Peruvian Hair Options At Mayvenn Hair

While there are numerous stores that offer Peruvian hair, Mayvenn Hair is known to deliver high-quality, real human hair when it comes to buying extensions with hair of this particular origin. The company does not process their Peruvian hair like some of the other companies does, which means the hair you install will perfectly fit in with your natural hair and provide a luxurious look that seems as if it is part of your natural hair.

When you buy Peruvian hair from Mayvenn Hair, you will be presented with quite a lot of different options to choose from. This is beneficial as you get to choose a set of hair extensions that will best suit the look you are trying to achieve, and that will perfectly blend in with your existing hair.

Mayvenn Hair offers Peruvian hair options amongst all of their most popular products, and they produce hair extensions of this origin in different styles. Their straight hair styles, which include their normal straight selection, as well as their kinky straight and yaki straight, can be purchased in Peruvian options. In addition to these, Mayvenn Hair also offers Peruvian hair extensions in several wave styles, including body wave, loose wave, deep wave and their latest addition to their wavy collection, the water wave style. A curly option is also available.

peruvian hairTo buy Peruvian hair from this particular supplier, you simply need to visit their official online shop and start by choosing the hair type you wish to purchase. After selecting the type of hair style, you will be presented with a page that allows you to customize the extension you wish to buy. Here you can upgrade from the standard Brazilian hair option to the Peruvian option, which usually adds an additional $10 to your order.


Peruvian hair is one of the most popular hair origins that people opt for when they buy weaves and hair extensions. This particular type of extensions look natural, feel great and they are lightweight, leading to a comfortable wear. Peruvian hair is also durable and can be treated without damaging the hair too much. Mayvenn Hair features Peruvian hair in various options, and provides these extensions at affordable prices.