Complete The Look With A Lace Closure From Mayvenn Hair

Hair extensions can be expensive, which causes many people to opt for hair extensions and forget about the fact that additional pieces may often be needed to really complete the look and make the extensions look completely natural. Even though these extensions can be expensive, especially when opting for high quality extensions, it is important to note that buying a relatively expensive set of hair will give you better quality than a cheap set of synthetic hair. This means that there will not be a need to continuously replace the hair once or even more every month, but rather only a need for a new set of extensions and accessories in about a year’s time.

virgin hair with closureFor this reason, people who are interested in installing weave hair sets should try to think of their purchase as an investment – to create a beautiful new hairstyle and to recreate their identity to something that will give them a boost in confidence. Thus, people should not only opt for extensions alone when they try to “renovate” their style with new hair, but also consider a closure to really make their new set of extensions seem natural and like it is truly their own hair.

Lace Closures From Mayvenn Hair

Mayvenn Hair has one of the most convenient ways of buying closures and offers high-quality closures that are made from real human hair. There is also the benefit that Mayvenn Hair does not utilize any harsh chemicals that causes damage to the hair when they produce their closures. This means you get a piece of hair that is durable and that will last you a very long time without falling out or becoming unmanageable.

myvenn hair brazillian straightWhen you shop for closures at Mayvenn Hair, you can choose a closure that perfectly suits your needs by utilizing their one-page closure customization system. Here you can start by choosing the color your closure should be in, which could include a single color, such as natural black or blonde, or two different colors, with the roots of the closure exhibiting a color that is different from the rest of the hair.

You also get the opportunity to choose between a variety of hair styles to ensure the hair you receive match that of the extensions you wish to install, as well as that of your natural hair. The styles they offer include straight, yaki straight, body wave, loose wave, water wave, deep wave, curly and kinky straight. Mayvenn Hair also allows you to customize the origin of the hair that your closure will be made of. Brazilian is one of the most popular options that they offer, but you can also choose to rather opt for Malaysian or Peruvian hair. An upgrade to Indian hair may also be selected at an additional cost.

Lastly, you can also choose the particular length of the closure you prefer. The default length of their closures is 10 inches, but you can also opt for a 14-inch or an 18-inch closure.


If you would like to renovate your identity with hair extensions, it is important to consider adding a closure to your cart before checkout. While a closure will incur more costs, you should look at the extra costs as an investment that will last for an extended period of time. When buying a closure from Mayvenn Hair, you have the peace of mind that the piece you are buying will last for at least six months or even more, which means there will not be a need to constantly replace the closure with a new one every time you wish to reinstall your extensions.