Should You Buy From Mayvenn Hair In Bulk To Stock Your Store?

Are you planning to open a new shop where you would like to sell weaves, hair extensions and other products in their industry, or are you already operating such a store? Then you already know that supplying your customers with hair that is of excellent quality and the lowest price possible is essential. If you cannot achieve this particular goal, then people would most likely choose to opt for another store where they can find high-quality weaves at a lower price. While quality should always be considered the most important priority, you should never overlook the fact that people are not looking to spend a thousand dollars to install extensions.

To supply your customers with the best extensions at the lowest price, you need to find an appropriate supplier where you can buy these products at a reduced price so that you can offer them to your customers at the best price in your local area while still gaining profit with every sale.

Mayvenn Hair For Wholesalers


For those who are seeking a reliable supplier of hair products, we recommend Mayvenn Hair. It might seem strange why a recommendation may be prompted so easily, but let’s take a look at the many benefits that you can gain access to when you buy wholesale products from this particular brand.

First of all, the company is mostly based on the internet. While there are some local areas where you can go in to buy hair products from this brand, most customers know them by their website. The company’s website is one of the most popular go-to locations for people to go to when they want to buy hair extensions on the internet. With this in mind, the chance that another local company in your area that sells hair would stock products from Mayvenn Hair is very low.

Another benefit that you get from the fact that the company primarily specializes in selling their products on the internet means that they are often able to beat the prices of companies who sell in physical locations. When a company sells products at a physical location, they have to carry inventory costs, pay rent and electricity, pay for staff and they have many other expenses. By cutting these costs, Mayvenn Hair is able to sell their products at lower prices – this is beneficial for the wholesalers as they would be able to beat the prices of local suppliers and still gain a profit.

mayvenn bundlesMayvenn Hair also features a variety of bundled deals. Now this is where a lot of wholesalers make big money. By buying hair bundles, you get multiple sets of weave hair, with bundles of three being the most popular, without having the pay the price it would cost you to buy these products separately. By paying a lower fee when buying a bundle and then reselling the extensions as single items and not as an actual bundle, a wholesaler can further increase their profit gain.


Buying hair on the internet has become one of the most popular ways for the average consumer to buy hair extensions and weaves, as well as closures, frontals and other related products. Still, there are many people who prefer to walk into a store to purchase these products as they are able to inspect the product before buying and ensure they receive the product they are paying for. Mayvenn Hair is an excellent choice for wholesalers to buy quality hair extensions at low prices so that they can gain a profit margin while still being affordable.