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Hair extensions offer numerous benefit to women who would like to have longer or fuller hair, but don’t have the time to wait for their hair to grow to their desired length and for those who are not sure how to make their natural hair appear fuller. There are other benefits to wearing hair extensions as well, such as the fact that they protect your natural hair against damage from equipment like a straightener or a hairdryer, as well as against damage from chemicals that might be found in certain hair styling products, like mousse and hairspray. Since hair can be damaged by the sun and by environmental pollutions, extensions also protect the hair against these hazards.

Why Buy Hair From Mayvenn Hair

mayvenn hairIf you set out to buy hair on the internet, then the first thing you will notice is that there are hundreds of different brands that promotes “real virgin human hair”. Unfortunately, many of these brands do not offer high-quality hair that was extracted from a single donor, but rather hair that was chemically processed and collected from multiple donors. If you want your extensions to last for a long time, then it is vital that you buy your products from a supplier that uses single-donor hair to produce each set of extensions, and ensure that the supplier you buy from have not been chemically processed.

When it comes to affordability, trustworthiness and value for your money, we recommend Mayvenn Hair. Mayvenn Hair was started a few years back and has grown into a recognized brand name amongst women who wear weaves. The brand offers an extensive collection of weaves, closures, frontals and other products that will help you create the perfect look so that you can experience better confidence and a higher self-esteem.

Mayvenn Hair often launches promotions where they provide new customers with a promo code that can be used to get access to a discount when they make their first purchase from the brand’s website. At the moment, they have a promotional code running that offers a 15% discount. To apply the code, the customer can add products to their cart and enter the promo code, which is simply STARS, during the checkout process.

The brand also features a variety of hair styles in their online shop. Their straight hair extensions are very popular, and comes in three different variants – including traditional straight, kinky straight and their all new yaki straight. They also offer different types of wave extensions, including deep wave, body wave, loose wave and water wave. Finally, the company also has a selection of curly hair extensions that offer a lot of volume and a full appearance.

We should also mention that, unlike many of the competitors, Mayvenn Hair offers free shipping on all orders made on their online shop. Once a customer has completed an order and submitted their payment successfully, the company will process the order and ship the products out to the customer without asking any additional shipping fees.  


hair extensionsWearing hair extensions has a lot of benefits to offer a woman, such as protection and the ability to add more length to their natural hair. People often find it hard to choose a store where they can buy hair from, as there are a large number of stores at the moment that can be utilized for purchasing hair – both online and in physical locations. We recommend Mayvenn Hair due to the many positive reviews from customers who have trusted the brand for many years, as well as for their large selection of products that gives every person something that will suit their particular needs.