The Benefits Of Buying A Loose Wave Weave From Mayvenn Hair

If you are looking to spice up your look by adding some extra length to your natural hair, then there is no need to wait for years to grow your hair naturally. Even some of the best supplements on the market today that promotes hair growth will still take a considerable amount of time to allow your hair to grow. Instead, you may choose to opt for a weave. Installing a weave into your natural hair will instantly add more length and you get the benefit of being able to choose exactly how long you want your hair to be.

brazilian loose-waveWhen it comes to choosing the type of weave you want to install, loose wave is often considered a perfect choice. The loose wave style hair extensions can be used in many different settings and is perfect for almost every person who wishes to install extensions. In addition to instantly providing more length to your natural hair, the loose wave style hair extensions will also increase the volume and body of your hair significantly, without looking too bulky; thus making it the perfect type of weave for any desired hairstyle.

Buying A Loose Wave Weave From Mayvenn Hair

Once you decide that you want to buy a loose wave weave, the first choice that you will need to make is where to buy your weave from. There are quite a large number of stores available where you can buy weaves from, and the internet also adds additional options to choose from. When opting for an online store, it is often possible to obtain high-quality weaves at a price that is lower than you would have paid at a physical store, and you also get the added benefit of having more options to choose from.

Mayvenn Hair is often a preferred online retailer for weaves, hair extensions and similar products as they offer a large variety of products, affordable prices and a lot of different customization options for every single item they sell on their store. Their loose wave weaves are certainly no different. The brand offers high-quality loose wave weaves that are produced from real human hair – their hair is not processed and 100% virgin.

brazilian loose waveWhen you buy a loose wave weave from Mayvenn Hair, you can expect to pay around $59 for their most basic option. This includes a natural black loose wave weave. The hair will be of Brazilian origin and 10 inches long. You can opt for added extras, which will also incur more costs, of course.

Changing the color of the hair piece you wish to buy will cost you an additional $30. You can opt for a dark blonde or standard blonde color, as well as for an option with blonde hair and darker roots. The origin of the hair can be upgraded to Peruvian, which will incur an additional cost of $10.

The length of the weave can also be adjusted. The cost that is added to the order’s total when the length of the weave is increased depends on how much the length is increased. For example, upgrading to a 12-inch weave will incur an extra $5, but opting for a 26-inch weave, for example, will add $75 to your order.


Opting for a loose wave style weave has many benefits for the wearer. Not only does this particular style add instant length to their natural hair, but it also amps up the volume of their natural hair; thus allowing the wearer to experiment with a wide variety of creative hairstyles. When buying from Mayvenn Hair, you get to choose the length, color and origin of hair used in a loose wave weave, and you get the added benefit of knowing that the hair used in the extensions you are buying is coming from real humans.