Deep Wave Hair Extensions From Mayvenn Hair


mayven hair deep waveThere are numerous different hair types, and every person has hair that is unique to them. Thus, each person also prefers to wear their hair in a style that suits their preferences in fashion, and makes them feel more confident when they are out in public. Some like to wear their hair short, others like to wear their hair long. When hair is short and a longer hairstyle is desired, then a person would normally have to wait for several months or even some years before they are able to achieve that length. There is, of course, a way to “cheat” your way into having long, luscious and beautiful hair – and this is by simply installing some weaves into your natural hair, which instantly adds more length and body to your existing natural hair.

When it comes to buying hair extensions, some people find that it is quite difficult to choose the right extension set that will fit in with their natural hair. The deep wave hair style has become quite popular amongst women and can often be worn with a variety of hair types and natural hair styles; thus making this particular choice an excellent option for many potential buyers.

Mayvenn Hair Deep Wave Extensions

If you are looking for deep wave hair extensions that are made of real human hair and that has not been processed with any potentially damaging chemicals, then Mayvenn Hair should at the top of your go-to list. The company has been in business for several years now and they only offer high quality products that tends to last long. Their deep wave hair extension collection is affordable and can be used with various hair types and styles. This makes Mayvenn Hair the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy a high quality deep wave extension set that will last them a very long time, without having to spend thousands of dollars.

mayvenn deep waveMayvenn Hair currently only offer deep wave extensions in a natural black color, but this is usually the preferred option when it comes to this particular type of hair extensions. Their default option includes hair from a Brazilian origin, but you can opt for a set of Peruvian deep wave hair extensions instead – this particular option will, however, incur an additional $10 in fees.

Mayvenn Hair offers different lengths in their deep wave extensions collection. The shortest length they offer is their 12-inch sets. At $5 extra, you can upgrade to a 14-inch set instead. Their sizes go up to 28 inches. Here’s an overview of the additional fees that each of these lengths will incur:

  • A 16-inch extension will cost you $10 extra.
  • An 18-inch extension will cost you $15 extra.
  • A 20-inch extension will cost you $20 extra.
  • A 22-inch extension will cost you $25 extra.
  • A 24-inch extension will cost you $50 extra.
  • A 26-inch extension will cost you $70 extra.
  • A 28-inch extension will cost you $80 extra.

Note that the base fee for their deep wave hair extensions is $64 per set. Thus, it is relatively easy to determine how much a particular extension will cost you if you take their base fee and add the additional charges that will be added to your order should you opt for extras, such as some extra length.


Looking to buy an extension on the internet to help add instant length and volume to your natural hair? Then we recommend taking a look at Mayvenn Hair. They offer a full range of deep wave hair extensions that will perfectly fit in with your curls. The extensions are made from real human hair that is 100% virgin and unprocessed. Their extensions are affordable and can be shipped directly to your door.