How To Care For A Mayvenn Hair Weave


You bought your very first set of hair extensions and you have paid a lot of money. You have heard that without proper care, these extensions may not last very long and the hair may quickly start to fall out, but with proper care, the extensions may last for as long as a year – sometimes even longer. The problem is, you are not sure how you should take care of your new extensions to make sure they last for a very long time. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can ensure the hair stays healthy and in good shape, and to avoid hair falling out soon after you have installed the extensions.

Caring For Your Weave

The most important step to take if you wish to have a weave that will give you real value for your money and last a long time is to ensure you purchase the hair from a trusted company. There are numerous brands that promises to deliver high-quality hair, when they actually produce their extensions from scrap hair that was collected from hair salons. Instead, opt for a company that is trusted by many people to ensure the hair you receive will be real and of high-quality. Mayvenn Hair is an excellent option as they offer 100% virgin hair that was cut from humans. The company is used by thousands of people and the majority of reviews about their products are positive.

Apart from making sure that you buy a high-quality set of extensions, you will also need to care for your weave physically to ensure it does not wear out. Shampooing and conditioning the hair, as you do with your natural hair, is important – but if you are used to washing on a daily basis, then you need to adopt some new habits in this area. recommends shampooing your weave once a week. In some cases, shampooing once every second week may also be appropriate, but a weekly wash is good to wash away dirt and oil buildup, which can damage hair. In addition to using a shampoo, you should also get a conditioner that will help to maintain moisture and avoid the hair from becoming too dry.

You can opt for co-washing as well, but it is still important to give the weave a good wash with shampoo now and then. With co-washing, you would only use conditioner and not shampoo during the treatment phase. You could decide to wash the weave every second week with shampoo and do a co-wash in between this time.

blow dryFinally, you need to consider the fact that if you wash your weave and do not let it dry properly, then it could cause damage and even a nasty smell. For this reason, it is vital to consider using a blow dryer on a low heat setting for an extended period of time after you have given your weave a wash. This will ensure every single strand of hair gets dry from root to tip, and will help you to avoid any unpleasant smells and prevent damage to your hair extensions.



Buying hair extensions can be very expensive, so taking care of your extensions with adequate products and proper care will ensure they last for a long time and they do not need replacement often. When buying a set of extensions from Mayvenn Hair, you can be sure that the products will last for a year or longer when you take care of your weave. Simply follow the advice we have shared here to ensure your weave is well looked after.