Get The Look You Want With Mayvenn Hair Brazilian Straight Weaves


Brazilian Straight Hair ExtensionsWomen wear weaves for different reasons. One woman may find that it is taking far too long for her hair to grow long naturally and do not have the time to wait, so she may opt for a weave that will give her the desired length she desires. Another woman may notice that her hair is thinning and feel uncomfortable in social settings with these effects, so she opts for a weave to make her hair appear fuller and to hide the fact that her hair is thinning. There are also many women who prefers to buy and install weaves since this will help them achieve a variety of hairstyles without having to expose their natural hair to harmful chemicals or styling tools; thus allowing them to wear their hair in any style they desire without causing harm to their natural hair.

Brazilian Straight Hair Extensions From Mayvenn Hair

brazilian straightMayvenn Hair stocks a wide selection of weaves – and amongst these weaves, their Brazilian choices seem to stand out most. Top Brazilian Hair reports that Brazilian hair is perfect for any woman who is looking for a weave that will offer them versatility and the ability to add more body to their existing set of natural hair. Furthermore, the texture featured by Brazilian hair is often recommended and preferred over many of the other types of hair extensions available on the market since these extensions tend to blend in with most natural hair types.

When you browse for straight hair extensions on Mayvenn Hair’s official online store, you’ll notice that you get to choose between three different types of “straight” options. This includes the traditional straight option, as well as their kinky straight option, which is also very popular amongst their customers. In addition to their straight and kinky straight options, Mayvenn Hair also recently announced the launch of a brand new series of straight hair, known as yaki straight. The yaki straight option has been introduced to provide an option for women who have recently treated their natural hair with a relaxer or obtained a pressed straightening treatment.

Each of these options can be customized toward the preferences of the customers, which ensures the customer can opt for hair extensions that will blend in with their natural hair and enable them to style their hair any way they want to. All of the straight weave options from Mayvenn Hair comes in Brazilian by default, which means you will not incur any additional costs if you wish to purchase Brazilian hair from them. Opting for hair of another origin, however, will incur additional charges on your order.

You can also specify the length of the straight hair extensions you wish to purchase from Mayvenn Hair. They do offer quite a large variety of length options. This ensures a buyer can gain hair that is perfect for the particular length they desire. The default option for length when a customer buys a Brazilian straight hair weave from Mayvenn Hair is 10 inches. Customers can opt for longer options as well, including a 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch and 22-inch option. It is important to note that the longer the length of the extension, the more costs will be added to the product’s total price.


Women who are looking for a weave that will allow them to achieve virtually any look without limiting their options due to its particular style should take a look at the range of straight hair extensions offered by Mayvenn Hair. The company offers three different types of straight extensions, each offering the perfect solution for a separate group of potential clients.