Mayvenn Hair Offers A Range Of Frontals To Help You Complete The Look

If you have been buying and wearing weave hair for some time now, then you are already well aware of the fact that simply buying a set of hair aren’t always going to cut it. You want to have a full look and completely hide the fact that you are wearing a weave; thus simply installing two or three sets of weave hair will often not help you achieve that “perfect” look. Fortunately, there are many ways to complete the look by simply adding additional pieces to your installment of weaves; thus reducing the signs that weave hair has been installed and creating a much more natural and realistic look.

Lace-FrontalInstalling a frontal in addition to the weave hair you install is one of the most effective ways of completing that look and hiding the fact that you are not showing off your natural hair. A frontal can help to make weave hair look completely natural and help to prevent and any mishaps from happening – such as when you overslept and are in a hurry, which might cause you to forget to properly style your weave hair, leaving physical evidence of the parts where the weave was installed.

Mayvenn Hair Frontals

There are many online retailers that sells hair frontals that can be used to create a more natural look when installing weaves, but it is known that not all of these retailers offer real virgin human hair. A lot of the online retailers would claim that they offer high quality real human hair, but sends out synthetic hair to the customer when they make a purchase. There are also some retailers that collect scrap hair from certain countries, process the hair with harsh chemicals and then use them to create weaves and hair frontals – these hair tend to fall out and become unmanageable quickly.

Mayvenn Hair is one of the more trustworthy retailers that offer real virgin human hair frontals on the internet. The company is trusted by thousands of customers, and they offer a wide variety of frontals that fits in perfectly with the customer’s hair type and hair texture; thus making Mayvenn Hair a better choice amongst the many online hair retailers when it comes to buying high-quality hair.

mayvennSome people are concerned about the prices of Mayvenn Hair when they would like to make a purchase. The company often charges somewhat more for their hair extensions than some of the competitors that also offer hair frontals, but there is a reason for this. Mayvenn Hair does not specialize in any type of synthetic hair and they do not collect scrap hair when they design frontals. Their hair is also completely natural and are not processed with any type of harsh chemicals that may impair its quality.

We also want to note that Mayvenn Hair does not only offer the traditional hair frontal options, but also features a collection of 360 degree hair frontals, which covers a larger area of the frontal area of the customer’s head; thus leading to a more natural look than the traditional hair frontals are able to create.


In many cases, a woman may not be fully satisfied with only installing a few sets of virgin human hair. There are often signs of installment that reduces the natural look of such an installment, and this is not the goal of weaves. To further hide the fact that weaves have been installed, women can opt for a frontal. Mayvenn Hair is a trusted online supplier of hair frontals, and also offers a range of 360 frontals that covers the top of the head and create a more realistic look than most frontals that can be purchased at competing online brands.