Save When You Buy Bundle Deals From Mayvenn Hair

If hair extensions are something that you really like to wear and saving money is something you also like, then Mayvenn Hair has a solution that will satisfy both of these needs. When it comes to buying hair, you already know that you will have to dig deep into your wallet if you want to buy a quality set of extensions – and buying only one set of hair extensions would not cover your head; thus it is necessary to buy multiple sets if you want to achieve the perfect look. Saving money when buying hair extensions might be a priority in your eyes – and Mayvenn Hair has the perfect solution in the form of bundle deals

How Mayvenn Hair Bundle Deals Work

hair extensionEvery woman who wears hair extensions knows that a single set of hair would not be appropriate for covering their entire head. This is unfortunate as it means you have to buy more than one extension sets if you want to get a full, lengthy and good look after installing your weave. What this also means is that you will have to pay for multiple weaves – and a single weave often costs over $50 and, in many cases, can reach as much as $100 or more. If you need a full look that requires a lot of hair, you may have to pay for as much as three or four sets, which could incur costs that are as high as $400. Some women also need to add additional pieces, such as a frontal or a closure, to their order; thus adding more to the order.

For quite a long time, this was the way of buying extensions. Now, however, Mayvenn Hair has come up with a solution, just like many other brands, to help customers who are unable to pay for each set of extensions separately. The solution comes in the form of bundle deals. A bundle deal includes various extension sets at a lower price than a customer would be billed if they opt for each extension separately. This does not only benefit those who are unable to pay separately for each extension, but also those who wants to add an additional closure or frontal to their order, but find that the total price for the individual extensions they require is too high.

mayvenn brazilian straightThe most popular bundle deals at Mayvenn Hair at the moment includes a total of three hair extension sets in each bundle, and saves the customer a significant amount of money. For example, a set of three yaki straight hair extensions would usually cost a customer around $178 in total when each item is purchased separately, but Mayvenn Hair is currently offering a bundle deal that includes three sets of yaki straight extensions for $133. Similarly, they offer a bundle deal that includes three water wave extension sets for only $144 – bought separately, this would incur a total cost of around $192.


Bundle deals are perfect for any person who wants to buy high quality sets of hair extensions without having to pay for each of the extension sets separately, as this can incur high charges. When you opt for a bundle deal from Mayvenn Hair, you get multiple sets of extensions at a price that is much lower than the cost would have been should the sets be purchased separately. In addition to giving you the ability to save by opting for a bundle deal, you can also make use of the coupon codes they often make available to further save on your purchase.