Luxy Hair Extensions Reviews

Celebrities and models worldwide, pulling off impressive red carpet looks.

Showcasing the best of themselves by treating the paparazzi with a unique appearance each time is nothing new anymore.

Interestingly, the secret behind these striking looks is no one but just a couple of high-quality hair extensions and, of course, a talented wardrobe designer.

The breathtaking hues of pinks and purples sported by Kylie Jenner, the striking baby blue strands of Cardi B, and the iconic silver extensions of Lady Gaga shall always have the fan’s hearts.
However, these premium hair extensions are not only now possible for these public figures to pull off but also for you.

From different, trendy cuts and styles to hundreds of different colors and shades, you name it, and Luxy Hair Extensions have made it available so you can have the hair of your dreams.

With a glossy and natural finish, these hair extensions are of superior quality, which makes them highly durable and maintenance-friendly.

If you’re someone who’s always looking for a frequent hair color or style change, nothing very long-term, getting hair extensions is the safest and most convenient alternative to consider.

Without further ado, we bring to you three of the hot-selling hair extensions by Luxy Hair Extensions to help you find the hair extensions of your dreams.

Seamless Mocha Brown Clip-Ins

Installation TypeClip-In
BrandEstelle's Secret

Chocolate brown, hazelnut brown, mocha brown, light brown, or even dark brown, brown is one of the trendiest hair colors ever. It is never going out of fashion.

These breathtaking Mocha Brown clip-ins come in two different lengths, 16-inch is long and 20-inch long.

With a highly glossy finish and natural texture, these clip-ins make it possible for you to have your own Rapunzel hair.

These high-quality extensions are incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

Moreover, they can easily endure the heat applied to them during styling, straightening, or curling. Not only this, they can withstand the humid and wet weather to some extent, which is another great plus point.
These extensions are also available in many other color shades, but the mocha brown one is their highest selling one because of its remarkably classy look.

The mocha brown clip-ins are a perfect blend of warm tones of coffee-colored shade.

Since these clip-ins are seamless, it makes them perfect for styling them in numerous ways. Not only this, but you can also dye these clip-ins in a darker color if you want.

All in all, these clip-ins have an excellent value for money because they offer us durability and style hand in hand.

When curled, permed r straightened, these clip-ins were able to withstand the intense heat very easily- giving us some primary hairstyling goals.
Made from a hundred percent natural human hair, these extensions last for a considerable amount of time if properly maintained and taken care of.

Another plus point is that they are straightforward to carry. Once you put on the silicon-based clip-ins, your hair so natural that no one can quickly notice whether you’re wearing extensions.
These mocha brown extensions are perfect for you if you have medium-length, double-toned hair. If you’re looking for how to pull off a fantastic hairstyle effortlessly, these beautiful mocha brown extensions might be the solution!

Jet Black Ponytail Extension

Color#1 Dark Black
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight

Rocking a sleek high ponytail became a must, especially after watching Ariana Grande.

A voluminous upper front followed by a sleek ponytail with a glossy finish will always remain classy. Whether casual or formal, a ponytail can go with every single look, which is why this jet-back ponytail extension is such a hit.

It effortlessly makes you look so chic every time you put it on. Its natural texture and shine make it look so real that you can pull off any outfit every time you wear it.

This clip-in headpiece is incredibly silky, smooth, and thick from top to bottom.

This rich-looking ponytail extension is made out of natural human hair- making it very durable and easy to maintain.

These clip-in extensions are stable to heat, chemical sprays, and serums. The ponytail can not only be dyed in darker tones but can also be styled in multiple ways.

It is easy to carry, and the wig’s premium quality takes you back into your Barbie world.

Moreover, these ponytail extensions come in two types of length, namely 16-inch and 20-inch. You can choose from a variety of different colors, but black has been the winner amongst them.

The elegant glossy appearance following a sleek ponytail hairdo makes you stand out in the crowd.

Jet Black Halo Extensions

It won’t be wrong to say that black is probably everyone’s favorite color, whether it’s for clothes, shoes, bags, or even hair! After watching Snow White repeatedly, having such deep black hair was every girl’s dream.

Well, now, with these breathtaking jet-black halo extensions, your wish can come true.
Made from premium natural human hair, these jet-black extensions have an incredibly striking appearance that will leave the onlooker in awe.

With their smooth, glossy texture, these extensions have won the heart of many people worldwide.
These extensions are available in 7 different sizes, so you easily choose your desired length. Tie it in a high ponytail, braid them, curl them or even leave them straightened- you’ll surely conquer the day with these extensions on.
What makes this wig, so real-looking and impressive is the fact that the Halo wire is extremely thin and transparent.

Once you put the wig on, it's virtually invisible in your hair- making it difficult for anyone to notice. Moreover, a layer of hair extensions is laid on top of the wire to hide it completely.

Halo extensions are immensely in vogue nowadays because they require lower maintenance as compared to the clip-in extensions.

Instead of clipping it in your scalp at multiple points, all you’ll have to do is first apply the Halo, followed by clipping 2-clip wefts on the opposite sides to your temple, and you’re done.
Halo extensions have been trendy among people with thin hair strands that easily break off. They are also great for anyone who has a sensitive scalp or finds it hard to sport a clip-in extension.


In a world where fashion and trends are constantly changing, hair extensions make it possible for you to stay at the top of your style game.

Without any extra damage or treatment done to your natural hair, these high-quality hair extensions make it possible for you to sport any classy look you desire.
Jet black and brown hair extensions are in vogue these days because of their versatility and sheer elegance.

Whether clip-ins or stitched, hair extensions are always good to have because they have a lot to offer you in terms of style while having you make hardly any effort to maintain them.
All in all, it is safe to say that hair extensions can help any woman get the hair of her dreams, whether it’s in basic shades like black and brown or funky colors like blue and green.

From sleek ponytails to messy buns, to loose curls and braids, or even open hair, you can have it all by sporting premium quality hair extensions.

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