Knappy hair extensions reviews

“I want hair as long and healthy as Rapunzel,” “I am so done with these short hairs, they do not suit me at all,” and “I wish my hair were longer so I could look more picturesque.”

These dialogues are some of the most common ones amongst ladies.

The hairstyle is an integral part of one’s personality, and long hairs are something that makes you look good regardless of whatever vibe you’re trying to emit.
But long hairs are not easy to grow, are they? They require constant nourishment, daily brushing, oiling twice a week, eating multi-vitamins, and a whole lot of other geeky things.

But what if we tell you, you can make your hair longer for that party tomorrow just with a bit of effort?

KnappyHair has your back with its state-of-the-art clip-ins that are not going to leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

These hair extensions blend well with your hair and are comfortable to wear all day long. Knappy offers a broad range of colors and styling.

Options with this excellent brand are endless. When it comes to hair extensions, you can opt for a product under the name Knatural or Knappy, even with your eyes closed.

Let us see some of the products that the hair extension experts are offering.

KNatural Kurly Clip-ins

ColorKinky Curly
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeHuman Hair, Curly,kinky

Whereas many women with straight hairs are contented with the variety of hair extensions available in the market, the case with curly hairs isn’t so.

Finding the right extension that goes even with your wavy hair can be a huge hassle to find. But KNatural substantially curbs this hassle thanks to their Kurly Clip-ins.
A natural texture, color, and feel are maintained with these Kurly clip-ins, so no one will know you are wearing these.

They integrate with the rest of your hair so well. You do not have to be worried about being embarrassed in public if someone gets to know you’re wearing extensions.
The best part of KNatural’s Kurly clip-ins is the fact that they are effortless to put on and equally easy to remove.

They get on with a clip, so you don’t have to do a lot of hassle or have to visit the salon multiple times to get them set. They can be quickly done at home with just a bit of practice.

If you think your natural hair will be affected by putting these on, please don’t think so! These clip-ins are made to ensure your natural hair remains as strong as they are before adding extensions, so no worries about your natural hair.

To all those curly-haired women out there, don’t think anymore. You have found the perfect product for yourself!

Not So Knappy Wefts

Disclaimer: Do not blame us if your DMs overload with creepy, weird messages when you wear these wefts to a party.

Ever wanted dual shade streaks but are not bold enough to take this step on your natural hair? Do not worry.

You do not have to take this risk thanks to these wefts offered by KnappyHair. These wefts can be dyed or bleached to get any color that you like.

You can also play with your hairstyle, curl them in a curler or give them a frizz. It is all up to you!

The best part of these wefts is the customizability that they offer.

You are not trapped in a particular style, unlike the other first extension that I mentioned, but you can play around with the shades and hair type.

They are available in different lengths as well, so you can get the most optimum one for yourself.
The original color of these wefts is very natural, so even if you don’t want to make many adjustments and wear these wefts as it is, that is an option too! They will look equally gorgeous and breathtaking this way as well.

These extensions’ quality and texture will ensure that everyone in a party or event is swooning over you.

The seamless blending provides you with the confidence to wear them on any occasion.

You do not need to take any extra measures to take care of these wefts, all you need is a mild moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and you are good to go.

With gentle strokes using soft hands, wash this hair and get all the dirt out.
Want to know something astonishing? These wefts might be expensive due to the high quality they offer.

But that does not mean you can not buy them, as Knappy hair provides you the option to pay in the form of installments.

If you want premium quality hair on your head, then this should be your go-to brand.

KNatural Straight Clip-ins

It’s a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining fully, and the sky is clear blue. And on the pedestrian path, you walk gracefully, wearing your favorite dress as your straight, long, and thick hair sway with the wind.

A couple of young girls come running towards you and ask the secret behind such beautiful hair.

No, this is not your dream. Neither is this a shampoo advert. It is the potential reality if you use KNatural Straight Clip-ins.

Whereas you’ll be able to find hundreds of other hair extensions for your straight hair, no one is going to match KNatural’s.

They are going to enhance the appearance of your straight hair to make them look alluring, silky, and exceptionally strong.
These clip-ins aim to provide a very natural look. That is why these are extremely close to natural hair.

These extensions are also very comfortable to wear, so it will not be a problem wearing them at more extended events.

These extensions are available in different sizes, so someone who doesn’t like extremely long hair can order them in shorter versions.

You can play with hairstyles thanks to these extremely convenient hair clip-ins. Whether you like a ponytail or a side braid, the possibilities are endless.

You do not have to watch those hair tutorials and think, “Wish I could make that lovely hairstyle,” anymore. Just get going with these clip-ins.

The signature convenience of setting these extensions up is constant with the KNatural Straight Clip-ins, too.

You do not have to start your hair preparations hours before the actual event.


While all of these hair extensions are equally good and can help transform your look to a great extent very quickly.

There are specific considerations that you may want to make before purchasing one of them.

The Kurly and Straight Clip-ins are limited to the hair type. So, someone who has curly hair should go for the former, and for straight-haired women, the latter will serve the best.

On the other hand, the wefts can be worn by anyone regardless of their hair color, type, or texture.
All in all, if you are looking for daily drivers, something that you can wear each day and in routine, the first two clip-ins could be chosen based on your hair type.

But for people who occasionally wear extensions and like to play with them each time they wear them, the Wefts are the best choice!

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