The 411 On The Ipsy Makeup Box Subscription Service

Ipsy is one of the most popular cosmetics subscription services that monthly sends a random set of at least five sample items in a makeup bag to subscribers. The service costs $10 a month. All subscribers to Ipsy initially create a profile on the website that gains basic knowledge of their makeup/skincare preferences. The profile asks customers how comfortable they are with makeup and skincare, the looks they want to achieve and what products they would be interested in receiving. The company ships all products at the same time and potential new subscribers have to wait a month before ordering their first glam bag.

What Makes Ipsy, Ipsy.

Initially created by Youtube makeup tutorial mogul Michelle Phan, Ipsy is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription service that delivers the latest beauty products directly to your door, at up to a whopping 70% savings.

Michelle’s makeup tutorials have gone viral for several years, as she clearly and very simply explained how to duplicate her incredible cosmetic transformations with just a few products and some precise application techniques.

Ipsy LogoNow for $10 a month, Michelle’s die-hard fans and beauty product aficionados alike can become Ipsy members and receive a mix of “deluxe” sample sizes and full-size products from popular manufacturers. Some of them are Urban Decay, NYX, and Smashbox, and they are all packaged in a glam travel size makeup bag.

To complement its subscription service, Ipsy has created a huge online community where customers can chat about products with each other, ask questions about techniques for product application, and offer advice.

More tips and tricks are available by viewing Ipsy’s beauty tutorials. Naturally, they cover everything from contouring basics and how to use the products, to creating specific looks just like your favorite celebs.

But, now you may be thinking: “Beauty product purchases are a very personal thing, so how does Ipsy know what products to send me?”

With a questionnaire, of course!

Ipsy differentiates itself from other companies by offering customization that is not seen with other monthly makeup subscription services. After signing up, users are directed through the “Ipsy Beauty Quiz” which Ipsy promises will help their stylists best understand your personal style, and then tailor product boxes to your tastes.

Is Ipsy Worth It?

From a financial standpoint, Ipsy’s $10 a month fee is definitely worth it. Paying $10 for bags that are worth well over $50 simply seems too good to be true. However, just by looking at some of these prices, you can save a lot of money by paying the $10 for an Ipsy subscription bag instead of buying all of these products individually. Undoubtedly, paying for all these beauty products individually would have cost you much more money!

If you like trying new makeup and beauty products and don’t want to spend too much money each month, Ipsy is perfect value for the low price. But if you already have all of the products that you use all the time and aren’t willing to try anything new, you might be wasting your money. So, in the end, it’s all about choices and priorities.

Ipsy Bags

Ipsy Glam Bag is a cosmetics bag with 5 deluxe, sample, or full-sized beauty products, including makeup, skincare, hair care, and nail care, that are personalized just for you. The Glam Bag costs $10 a month, or $110 for an annual membership. Glam Bags are personalized using a system called ipsyMatch. It takes information from your beauty profile and product reviews to choose the best Glam Bag combination for you.

Ipsy Bags are a sampling service that introduces you to products you might not have tried otherwise. All their bag sets include a little bit of everything. Since Ipsy is trying to match you with the best overall combination, you may not love every product. But, if you try some new products, you may find a new favorite! The more feedback you provide, the more personalized your Glam Bags will be.

Ipsy Website Screenshot

Ipsy Products

Ipsy Box Subscription offers a wide variety of beauty products. Each month, it puts together a set of 5 beauty products only for you.

A great thing about Ipsy box subscription is that you get a different makeup bag (for free) every month. Some of the products that could be included in an Ipsy box are Derma E, Smashbox, Ouai and Too Faced. For cosmetics lovers with a desire to be on the cutting edge, Ipsy offers a wide variety of newest products and a very supportive community that helps members learn how to create the looks they desire.

However, makeup is such a personal thing, and it’s extremely important to buy flattering shades and products that work for your skin type. Box subscriptions such as Ipsy are perfect for trying out new beauty products and seeing what works best for you with the incredibly easy online shopping.

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