Try Indian Water Wave Hair For A Wet Look

Indian Water Wave HairUsing the same hairstyle year in and year can become boring and could even give a woman an outdated look. Hairstyle changes can be as quick and unpredictable as the weather. Changes of seasons are contributing factors to hairstyles as well. What works for winter may look outré by summer.

Human hair extensions seem to hold the answers for quick hairstyle changes. One of the amazing hair extensions considered as the trendiest this year is the Indian water wave human hair.

What Is Indian Water Wave Human Hair?

As expected, the wet hair look using silk weave virgin hair or similar was first launched by models prancing on the catwalk and the different Hollywood celebrities. For ordinary women, achieving the wet hair look may seem to require expensive salon visits. Well, not really, with the Indian water wave human hair design.

The Indian water wave human hair is literally a lifesaver especially for African-American women who want to be trendy as their favorite celebrities or as a way of showcasing their own unique style and fashion.

The long hair lengths available with the Indian water wave human hair means a stylish, glossy, and shiny hair that perfectly blends with any season.

General Characteristics of This Style of Indian Hair

  • A high-quality Indian human hair is designed with a water wave texture that is silky, supple, shiny, and soft to suit any occasion
  • Varied sizes ranging from small, medium or custom-made for a user’s specific needs
  • Aligned hair cuticles
  • Available in full lace wigs with lace cap colors range from transparent to dark brown
  • Variety of hair colors to choose from the darkest black to light brown
  • Zero tangling and matting
  • Very strong hair that can be subjected to curling or straightening irons
  • Can be cut, bleached, and colored to suit any user’s style preference

How To Maintain Your Water Wave Hair

Hair Creams or Oils

  • Regular shampoo preferably a product that contains argan oil
  • Application of a hair mask once a week as a way of maintaining the wet look of the tresses
  • Wet hair extensions should be air dried before heating devices are used to style them
  • Using hair creams or oils are not recommended
  • A wide-toothed comb or a soft brush is the recommended ones to use for brushing the water wave. Combing the hair should begin at the ends of the hair and working up to the upper parts
  • Tangles may happen though rarely. If it does, combing the tangle vigorously may result in hair shedding or breakage. It’s recommended to use a hair conditioner specially made for human hair extensions. This protects the hair before you start brushing
  • Make sure that the water wave extension is half wet when you try to untangle it. Untangling dry hair will turn it frizzy


The best way to protect your hair wigs investments is to take good care of them. High-quality human hair can only do as much. Making it last for a long time will always depend on proper maintenance.

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