Gorgeous Indian Straight Hair

Indian Straight HairOne of the most available and versatile virgin hair extensions on the market today is Indian straight hair. Choosing the Indian straight hair gives you a very fine hair density that is naturally bouncy, light, and airy. The wonderful texture and pattern of the Indian straight virgin hair extensions can be easily styled, curled, dyed, and straightened without fear of damage. All it needs is a quick wash to let the hair go back to its original style.

Straight hair has always been a fashion mainstay. Curly hair comes and goes but straight hair is always seen as sleek and stylish.

Yet, few women are blessed with straight locks. Hair straightening products have become a billion-dollar business because of the demand for straight hair. However, the harsh chemicals in the products do a lot of harm not only to the hair texture but to the scalp as well.

Why Choose Indian Straight Hair?

Indian straight hair is so dynamic that it can be worn every day at work and at play. The silky, fine and lustrous human hair extensions can be straightened, curled, dyed or simply worn in its original design.

This adaptability of Indian straight hair extensions has become very popular, especially with African-American women who have always dreamed of having lustrous straight hair. Hair texture of wearer does not matter because this particular style ingenuously fits all.

The easy way of combining any hair texture with Indian straight hair produces an instantaneous change to the overall style and personality to any user. A woman no longer has to put up with hair imperfections when Indian hair is there to help.

Why Choose Indian Straight Hair?The all-purpose texture of Indian straight hair enables users to do beautiful things to it. Hair patterns such as body wave or deep wave or any bleaching and coloring can be done without doing damage to the hair. However, proper care and maintenance are still recommended to make the extensions last for a long time.

Choosing the unprocessed virgin Indian straight hair is guaranteed to be free from any chemical process such as hair dyes and straightening products. The slight curl at the tip of the hair is all-natural. Hair colors available range from natural off black to very dark brown.

General Descriptions of Indian Straight Hair

The general characteristics of Indian straight hair extensions include:

  • Natural straight hair from root to tip
  • Raw virgin Indian human hair
  • Tangle-free
  • Zero shedding
  • Can be bleached and dyed to user preference
  • Can be restyled to any preferred hairstyle
  • Unprocessed virgin Indian straight hair
  • Natural hair weave bundles
  • Hair lengths available with straight Indian hair range from 8 to 30 inches


There’s something about straight hair that adds beauty and glamor to women. Some women look great in curls but straight hair is the universal hairstyle for all. The various hair product companies and beauty salons bank on this demand for straight hair. Yet, the best and probably the most inexpensive solution is to invest in are straight hair weaves and extensions.

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