Embracing Indian Curly Hair

Embracing Indian Curly HairDecades ago, African-American women felt the stigma of their kinky hair. It was because of the unusual texture and pattern of their hair. Indian curly hair, or kinky hair for that matter, was not looked kindly by fashion gurus of yesteryear who considered straight hair as the height of beauty.

A lot has happened between the hair styling years of yesteryear and today. With so many different hair products and hair types out there, such as hair extensions, human hair, hair bundles, virgin hair, natural hair, Indian Remy hair, wavy hair, it can be difficult to choose just the right look. However, curly or kinky hairstyles now rock, leading African-American women to embrace their style while looking for more ways to transition the look.

Introducing Indian Curly Hair Extensions

Women in India were also subject of the curly hair stigma a couple of years back. Having curly hair was as unacceptable in India as kinky hair was in the United States. It was only when top Bollywood celebrities flaunted their natural curly locks that made the curls a fashion statement.

Curly hair has become one of the hairstyle fashion statements today. The thick and natural curls of Indian women are much-coveted by women of all ages and ethnic background.

It’s a good thing that the supply of Indian curly hair extensions seems never-ending. The curly hair extensions are finely textured, lustrous, thick, and beautiful. They are all-natural, free from chemical processes, and priced reasonably.

Curly Hair extensions Include the Following Features:

  • Hair lengths available range from 8–40 inches with varying colors from dark black to the lightest brown.
  • Guaranteed 100% human hair, the Indian curly hair extensions are tangle and matting-free with absolutely no hair shedding.
  • Looser curl styles for longer lengths
  • Soft and bouncy curls that require minimal maintenance
  • Can be straightened or curled after extensions have been washed and air-dried
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting

Hair Care and Maintenance Tips

Indian Curly Hair Maintenance TipsOwning a Indian hair extensions can be one of the important milestones in a woman’s life. This makes it imperative to properly care for it to make it last for a long time. The universal acceptance of curly hair ensures that this particular hairstyle is here to stay.

Here are some recommended tips and guidelines to ensure the peak look of the hair extensions all the time and every time you need them:

  • Use only lukewarm water when washing the hair
  • After washing the hair, shake it out and let it dry naturally
  • Do not attempt to blow dry or brush the extension while it’s still wet
  • Curling irons and other heat appliances should never be used to style the extensions
  • Styling the hair should only be done when the extensions are dry
  • Brushing is the only way to style the extensions
  • The extensions can be bleached, dyed, and restyled with a blower


A user’s naturally curly locks are today’s fashion hairstyle statement. Transitioning the look can be further enhanced and helped with the use of Indian curly hair extensions. A fuller and bouncier hairstyle is achieved with the addition of Indian curly locks to the natural curly tresses of any woman.

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