Discovery 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Human Hair Extensions

Human-Hair-Extensions-NewHuman hair extensions are quite common these days because women now have control over the kind of look they feel works for them. With natural hair, it is easy for you to try new hairstyles. Plus, you can choose from straight, thick to long, curly, permanent, or an extension or hair wig with different types of hair texture that you can take off when you go to sleep.

The hair industry has a lot to offer so you have a variety of human hair to work with to achieve your favorite look. If you are new to this type of hair extensions or are looking for something long for your evening out, clip-on is the way to go. Clip-on extensions come in a set of seven and you can easily install and remove in a few minutes.

Equally, if you are looking for volume, human hair extensions do a perfect job. In most cases, all you need is a single piece of good quality hair to get the job done. For a permanent virgin hair extension with attached hair follicles, there are several options at your disposal. They include nail hair that you attach using molten wax. The other option is micro ring human hair extension, which is basically a set of strands attached to a couple of micro rings that you apply using pliers. You can also try tape method on your human hair. You put this hair on using special tape. These three give you a long-term solution and you do not need to take them off when showering or doing sports.

Finally, yet just as importantly, you can do wefts. These extensions can be attached in many ways: you can sew into a weave, glue or use micro rings as stated earlier. Whichever way you choose to install your human hair, you are guaranteed a stunning look and many positive comments! Having said that, here are a few facts you need to know about human hair that you probably didn’t know.

9 Facts about the Human Hair Used in Extensions

Human hair is a lucrative product.

Actually, the human hair industry is worth billions. Hair is highly prized to the extent that in some countries, it has been known that gangs cut it off women’s heads by force. This hair is used to make weaves, wigs, and hair extensions. Other products made from regular hair include fake lashes, amino acids, and even fertilizer.

Most of the human hair used to make extensions comes from China and India.

People who are deeply spiritual take pilgrimages to holy temples in Tirumala, where their hair is tonsured as a sign of devotion. This temple has many barbers whose job is to shave those who show up to show devotion. In fact, each barber shaves about five heads after every 5 minutes. The temple’s floor is usually full of hairballs and the owners often leave with “bloody scalps.” Afterward, the temple auctions the hair, which is usually more than 30 inches in length.

middle-part-sew-inHuman hair collected at temples can cost up to $700 per pound.

When human hair is bought at auction, it is often in poor shape. It usually has blood, lice, and sweat on it. The hair is stored in dump warehouses where it also accumulates fungus and mildew.

It takes a long time to make high-quality human hair extensions.

First off, the hair is sorted and untangled. Then, the lice are removed manually. This is followed by a good wash, a little bit of dying, and then it is dried. Thereafter, the hair is fashioned into different kinds of wigs.

Human hair and economics go hand in hand.

Historically speaking, the rich buy human hair from the poor. That has not changed because human hair is shipped from India and China and then it is sold in America, Africa, and Europe.

Naturally blond and long hair costs up to $1500.

Natural blond hair is a gold mine. Some people pay up to $1500 for human hair, which then fetches more than $8000 once it is made into wearable hair extensions.

Short hair is worth a fortune, too.

While it is not as expensive as long hair, short hair is also valuable and it is used in certain industrial processes.

Most people who buy human hair don’t really care about where it comes from.

Where it comes from and how it is made is often not a subject of discussion for many people. Although most of the human hair is shipped from India and China, a very small percentage is taken from the temples. No one really knows where the larger portion comes from and very few consumers are concerned about the source of the larger percentage. Most people just want something hygienic, period.

Synthetic extensions are taking the hair industry by storm.

The Indian and Chinese economies are doing much better today compared to 10 years ago. For that reason, the people are also becoming wealthier. Consequently, there are few hair donors. Nevertheless, companies have found newer ways to manufactures extensions and wigs.

Everything you should know about getting human hair that extension that looks epic.

Whether you are looking for an extension that reaches your waist, a summer weave or just a simple ponytail, human hair extension will sort out all your needs. However, ensure that you get your money’s worth. Why? Well, a glue-damaged or dodgy hair extension is not cool at all.

What Types of Human Hair Extensions are Available?

With human original hair, you can do a variety of fits. However, the main styles include:

Temporary extensions

Temporary solutions include wefts, weaves or clip-in where your hairdresser adds human hair pieces.


This includes all those hair extensions that you wear for about 6 to 8 weeks. Semi-permanent human hair extensions are somewhat smaller but undetectable when you put them on.


Permanent human hair installation is done strand by strand. In other words, small strands of human hair are installed using micro rings and micro-bonds.

How to tell the type of human hair extension that suits your style

Temporary human hair extension is ideal for those who prefer an occasional makeover. If you love your appearance but still want to do a new look during the weekend, try a temporary extension.

If you prefer clip-in, it’s a good choice. You can clip it on or style it in a matter of minutes. Taking it off is equally a matter of a few minutes. However, if you feel your natural hair needs some time off, or you just want a little more volume, a permanent solution is ideal.

Currently, the most popular way of installing human hair extension is the micro ring method. For one, you can re-use the extension for a long time. On the other hand, the invisible tape method is good for those who are okay with their natural hair but prefer a little more volume.

Synthetic vs. Natural human hair extensionsSynthetic-Hair

It’s advisable to go for 100 percent human hair because people with a keen eye can tell this type from commercially produced artificial hair extensions. Plus, ensure you go for human hair that is within your budget range. However, if your pockets are deep, it is best to go for virgin hair since you can re-use it many times. Also, it’s important to learn the differenced between non-remy and remy hair.

Synthetic hair has an unnatural shine and you can’t use heat to give it some style. Also, it weighs less when compared to natural human hair but does not flow easily. Moreover, the tricks used to install synthetic hair make it difficult to for you to apply a bit of color to your hair. For that reason, you may have to purchase various colors in order to find a matching tone.

What Is the Cost of Human Hair Extensions?

In all honesty, there isn’t a fixed price so there is no straightforward answer to this question. The cost varies a lot such that it’s not easy to tell how much you should pay.

A permanent human hair extension costs more as it requires a lot of time to install. For instance, if you want to install an extension on the entire head, it would take between 2 to 3 hours. In this case, you will be paying of labor as well. However, a significant part of the cost goes to purchase of the extension itself.

Before you install human hair, be sure to visit your hair stylist for tests pieces. That way, it will be easy to find the right fit and quality, especially if you are going to re-use for a while.

Be careful when looking for a salon to do the installation for you. A few of the salons in the market have a habit of overpricing their services just because they are located in a prime premise.

The price range for temporary human hair varies much more than that of permanent hair. Therefore, if you want a human hair extension for a short-term basis, buy a cheaper brand. Otherwise, a slightly pricier brand of virgin hair is best for re-use.

Common Human Hair Extension Mistakes to Avoid

Poor quality hair

There are salons that have trouble finding excellent quality human hair. While it may be expensive, it is possible to find hair that was over processed. This kind of hair won’t last long.

Poor color matching

Generally, human hair comes as pre-made strands of one color. In other cases, the hair has more than one color arranged into a strip of a strand. Unfortunately, such a color match doesn’t always turn out to be a good fit for your natural hair.

Strands are too large in some sections

For best results, the strand of human hair should be installed using the right amount of your own hair and care must be taken to ensure your extension marches your hair pound for pound.

Hair extensions poorly cut or blended in

Most women strive for a stunning look. If you visit an inexperienced salon, chances are that they will leave your extension hanging visibly in some sections. An experienced hairdresser will make a new cut and then ensure that the extension blends into your natural hair.

Missing aftercare advice

Some human hair products fail to provide customers with advice on how to take care of extensions so that you can get the best out of them. Simple decisions like tying your hair into a ponytail before you go to help to prevent matting and your extension will last a very long time. If you can’t find written advice on your product’s packaging, inquire from the manufacturer. However, if you are unsatisfied with the response, find a professional stylist and seek advice.

How to Find the Best Human Hair Extensions

Speak to a professional

Sometimes, it is difficult to lay your hands on quality human hair. However, there are people who can help you figure it out. First, inquire whether what you want can be achieved using the product you want. If your hair is short and thin—just five inches of human hair will add slightly more than five inches to your natural hair. However, do not try to overdo it by adding ten inches. It is not the best way to add volume and length to your natural hair.

Try out human hair extensions before buying

A human hair extension requires time and money, both of which are prime resources. Before you buy, visit your hairdresser and try on a few pieces of the hair you want and find out whether you like what you come up with. A week is often the best length of time to try out new hair extensions.

Avoid a poor color match

Don’t buy products whose color veers away from what you want because even a slight difference is noticeable. In addition, you shouldn’t have to dye your natural hair in order for it to match your human hair extension. Instead, be strict and find a matching color.

Bottom Line

There are many hair extension products on the market that you can use to pull off a striking look. Human hair extensions stand out because their texture and shine come very close to that of natural hair. Whether it’s a short- or long-term solution, you need to take good care of your extensions so that they last longer.