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Have you ever wondered why every Hairstyle Jennifer Aniston puts on becomes Iconic?

Though, netizens attribute her iconic hairstyle mainly to her role as Rachel Green. However, there is one more factor to her every hairstyle becoming famous. Take a guess?

Well, Jennifer never really goes out of the natural shades. You would see her hair trimmed, curled, or dead-straight, but you would hardly ever see colors like yellows, blues, and greens on her head.

She only wears colors like brunette, brown, black, or blonde. Her hair looks all-natural, and that is the key.

If you are a frequent extension wearer, you must be aware that the extensions made out of natural human hair look way better than synthetic ones.

They may be costly, but the shine that human hair has is unmatchable.

That is why lately I have been buying extensions made of human hair only. Here are a few of the products that I have personally used and found suitable to my taste:

1.  Moresoo Real Human Hair Extensions

Color#1 Jet Black
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeTape-In
Hair TypeSilky, Remy Hair, No Tangle, Thick, Straight

If you are into permanent hair extensions with natural feels, this is the extension for you.

Also, it’s 100% human hair. I used the dark brown ones with highlights, but their color ranges from jet-blacks to honey-blondes.

Their customer service is without any doubt admirable. They gave me personalized suggestions for a complete and bouncy look.

I used a 20-inch extension, but they do have these in the 16-28 inches range. These extensions are not silicone-treated. It is why the luster in the hair is completely natural and lasts long.

Now, I got these bundled to my head by heating the keratin glue. However, most people prefer the bead-in method.

Most probably because they think that glue would get sticky or not hold the hair properly, it is a myth. So, in my experience, both methods are pretty good.

With re-bundling every six weeks, my hair extensions lasted for more than two years. The hair loss was minimum, and the color didn’t fade.

However, this might not be for you if you want to re-dye your hair extension again and again.

2.  Full Shine Tape in Hair Extensions 

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeTape-In
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

After going through a whole phase of pinks and purples, I decided it was time to go back to the naturals.

But again, once you learn how hair extensions look, you end up buying more and more. So, I went for these permanent hair extensions.

The hair is natural human hair, so it feels relatively soft. If synthetic hair is not your thing, this is the alternate for you.

The hair comes in a straight form, but you can style it alongside your natural hair. There is no silicone coating, so the luster of the hair is entirely natural.

These extensions are tape-ins with seamstress wefts, so all you have to do is lift a part of your hair, slide in the hair extension, and tape it.

There are 20 pieces in a single pack, but 2-4 packets are enough for a complete look. The tape doesn’t lose its stickiness for about three months.

After which you can replace the tape. I bought the 24-inches one, but they do have these in 12 to 28 inches.

Just don’t wash your hair with silicate-based shampoos or comb your wet hair. Also, braid your hair at night, and these extensions will behave like your natural hair.

3.  TressMatch Remy Human Hair Extensions

ColorDark Brown
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeThick

When it comes to hair extensions, without any doubt, the first thing we all think of is to get the length in our hairs alongside volume.

However, to match the perfect color of extensions with your natural hairs. Sometimes can be a difficult challenge, especially if your hair is black.

This issue does not bother brown hair girls any hard. Dark brown hairs are quite privileged because they are easier to match with extensions.

This extension by TressMatch, which is dark brown, is of human hair. My experience tells that this extension goes astonishingly well with the fine-length thick hair.

Otherwise, if you already have medium hair, then the volume this extension adds to your hair will look fake. And as a girl, I know that fake-looking extensions are the worst nightmare of every girl.

There are many other extensions by TressMatch, which goes entirely fancy with medium or thick hair.

I have used these extensions before, and from my experience, I can tell you that these are 100% Remy Human hair extensions, give your hair a complete length of 22 inches.

These extensions can last up to 12 months if you use them with care. And it provides a whole different final look to your hair.

4.  Fshine Fish Line Hair Extensions 

ColorMedium Brown #4
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeHalo
Hair TypeStraight

In case you are more like a person who loves dark hairs at the top and light shade at the bottom. Then you certainly know that extensions are the best option for you.

You can also go for the hair dye or bleach to your natural, but I know you are well aware of the consequences of dying your hair. I heard so many reviews of Fshine Fish line Hair Extension before. I bought their halo human hair extensions.

I will share my experience so you will get a better idea about how these gorgeous extensions work. These extensions are in color golden brown 10, fading to 14 medium golden blondes.

These are silky straight and reusable extensions. You can wash them or even dye them in only darker colors.

And the best part is that they came with invisible wire as well as detachable clips. So, you can use both methods to secure the extension even more.

If you are thinking about purchasing it, then let me tell you one more feature about it. These extensions are super friendly to use in a short time.

You do not need to struggle in putting them on. I think these are the best option if you use extensions daily.

5.  Moresoo Rooted Tape in Extensions

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeTape-In
Hair TypeNo Tangle, Natural, Soft, Straight, Salon Hair

If you are looking to purchase your first ever extension, then I will recommend that one thing you should never compromise on is its quality.

Hair extensions can stay with you for at least two years if you first invest in them properly. Moresoo offers rooted tape in extensions, which is in my experience, are pretty reliable.

Firstly, these extensions are black & ash-blonde Brazilian human hair, and the feature which distinguishes them from other extensions is that they are super silk.

This extension allows you to style them in any way. However, you need to use every hair extension with care if you want them to last long.

These extensions are 20 inches long and come with durable tape. These rooted tapes make these extensions distinctive from others.

These tapes are waterproof and last about 3 to 6 months. I think these types of tape extensions work best for me. You do not need to put them all over your head.

You can apply them where you want to add volume. And Voila, they give you a super attractive look.

Here is a treat that if you want a modest volume, then one pack is enough for you. However, you can get two to three-pack for a full head. And my girl, you are all set to shine!

6.  Full Shine Balayage Extensions

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

Many girls have this issue that they want extensions in which they do not need to use any help. And that is a pretty lethal concern.

However, you do not need to worry anymore, my friend. The extensions I am going to introduce you to are perfectly friendly to wear.

Full Shine Clip Hair Extensions are very famous. It is because they come with 10pcs hair clips, which are different in size. You can style them in your personalized way.

These clips do not harm your hair or scalp at all. Easy to remove, and you can change your hairstyle in minutes.

The other thing I like about these extensions most is their hand-made double weft, which prevents tangling and shedding.

No shedding means your extensions are safe to use for the long term. Its one pack is usually enough for a full head.

If you want to use it for professional purposes, then I recommend you buy at least two-pack.

I prefer these extensions because they are of human hair. If you are an extension wearer, then you know how fake synthetic hair extensions look.

Plus, there is a bonus to these extensions for all the pretty colors they are available. What else you need more!

7.  Moresoo Clip in Hair Extensions

ColorG# Brown to Medium Blonde Highlight #3/8/22
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeClip-In
Hair TypeSilky, Ultra thin Weft, Remy Hair, Thick, Straight

I have witnessed my friends complaining about the prices of hair extensions many times. I believe you should spend money once for a long time. Is it not?

That is why I always talk about quality over anything else. And Moresoo is the brand I can trust blindly in this matter. They assure you that their hair is 100% Remy human hair.

Their extensions contain pure natural and healthy human hair. And they claim that they do not add any chemicals, which is splendid.

These clip hair extensions are very light. Its 10inch-14inch extensions weigh 70 grams net hair + 10 grams clips. The 16inch-24inch extensions weigh 100 grams net hair + 10 grams clips.

One pack of these extensions is enough to cover your whole head. It shows how lightweight is these extensions. And this is the reason why I count these extensions in my favorites.

These extensions have stainless-made U-shaped clips, which do not tangle in your hair. The texture of this extension is elastic. It is very smooth and silky.

One thing that I like most about Moresoo service is that they provide customization & color match service. So, ten out of ten points for service as well as the quality of extensions.

8.  Full Shine Extensions Fading

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeTape-In
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

Like every other girl, I wanted my hair to look like a Disney princess. I will not exaggerate if I say that my utter desire was to have Rapunzel hair.

However, with my thick and short hair, only extensions could help me to bring life into my wish. I was so confused about which extensions I should buy?

No one ace everything on the first go. Neither did I. However, now when I know what is good, I can surely guide you.

No doubt, tape-ins are the best way to add volume to your hair. So always look for extensions that have better quality tape-ins.

The hair extensions brand Full Shine understands the assignment completely, and they provide you clip hair extensions that ensure quality grip.

Tape-ins lasts for 8-16 weeks. You can replace the tape and reuse for every two to four weeks.

If we talk about color, then it has very lively dark brown fading to blonde. However, the extension is colored chemically and can only be dyed in dark colors again.

You can style these extensions like whatever you want. These extensions are perfect for weddings, events, offices and can be wear daily.

9.  Fshine Hair Extensions Blonde Medium

ColorHighlight #18/22 (P18/613)
MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeTape-In
Hair TypeStraight

Many girls make the mistake that they pick the wrong extensions. What do I mean by false extensions?

You always think that choosing the right shade is everything, but here you make a mistake. Not only the correct shade of color texture of your extensions is equally dominant to complete your look.

Remember that the texture of your hair should match the texture of your hair extensions.

That is why I always prefer Human hair-based extensions. These extensions look natural and flawless finish to my hair.

Fshine blonde medium extensions are the one, which perfectly matches with my hair texture.

These extensions use American white tape-ins that look almost invisible once the extensions will adjust in your hair. The tape lasts two to three months if you take good care.

If we talk about its package, it includes 20 pcs, and each piece is 18inches long. If you have thin hair., then I recommend you to use a two to three-pack.

However, if you have thick hair, then three to five-pack will show a good result.

10.  Full Shine Halo Human Hair Extensions

MaterialHuman Hair
Installation TypeBuilt-in
Hair TypeStraight
BrandFull Shine

If you have short thick hair, then these extensions are your perfect buddy. Halo extensions are very famous these days because they save you a lot of time.

You can install these in few minutes, and you are good to style them in many ways. These extensions are the best choice for daily wear.

These halo extensions have fish wire and weft at the inner side. The weft makes these extensions super light. So, they are easy to carry and comfortable. Plus, it is seamless so, you cannot detect it anyway.

Since these extensions are of Brazilian human hair, that is why they give the natural glam. The human hair extensions provide you the facility of no tangling and shedding.

However, synthetic hair extensions are pretty opposed to it. It is always preferable if you use human hair-based extensions.

Plus, these halo extensions have a range of 25 colors and six sizes. Its WOW. All these colors are different shades of black, brown, blonde, and brunette.

I mean, with all these shades, you can be Jennifer Aniston in your friends. No one is stopping you!


The market is full of different types of hair extensions. You must be very careful while choosing the extensions for yourself.

Every hair extension has distinct qualities, style, and specifications. Always remember do not go for the one you like, choose which goes well with your hair.

Do not use synthetic hair extensions without any doubt; they will look fake. As you know, synthetic hair extensions use a lot of chemicals. So, there is a high risk of hair damage.

Lastly, no matter how much expensive hair extension you will buy. If you do not, treat it gently and take care of it. It will not last long.

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