Hidden Crown Hair – Should You Trust This Brand?

beautiful womanHair extensions have become one of the most essential accessories in the average woman’s beauty supply box. These accessories offer women the ability to instantly change the way their hair looks without having to pay a visit to their local salon, and often without having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive haircuts, dyes, highlights and treatments. There are quite a large number of different hair extensions on the market today as well, giving every woman an option to instantly achieve the hairstyle she has always desired.

One particular problem faced by women when it comes to buying hair extensions is that every brand out there claims to be better than the rest. There are hundreds of different brands that sell hair extensions, which makes it quite difficult to figure out which one really is the best. Today, we are going to take a closer look at a brand that claims their hair extensions are unique in the hair industry – Hidden Crown Hair.

Hidden Crown Hair – Here’s What You Should Know

The majority of hair extensions on the market today are either applied through the utilization of glue or through clip-ins. Glue is a less temporary offer than clip-ins, and both of these options tend to cause damage to natural hair. Glue can also cause irritation to the scalp, which can be quite unpleasant. Clip-ins can often cause a woman’s natural hair to become stuck in the clips; thus leading to damage. These are unfortunate, which is why Hidden Crown Hair has come up with a new way to wear extensions.

hidden crown extensionHidden Crown Hair offers hair extensions that are attached to a halo design band. The band is virtually invisible and perfectly blends with the woman’s natural hair to ensure the extensions look as natural as possible. The major benefit offered by this brand would be the fact that their hair extensions contain no clip-in accessories, and there is no need to utilize any type of glue to install these hair extensions.

The brand has introduced a large variety of different hair extensions that their customers can choose from when buying from them. All of the hair extension products offered by this brand comes equipped with their “hidden crown” feature, which is the halo band that is placed on the head to keep the hair extensions in place.

Another major benefit that many customers notice about Hidden Crown Hair is the fact that their products are very affordable. This means the company caters toward every woman who is looking for a way to improve the volume, length or overall appearance of her hair, even if she is working on a tight budget.

It should be noted that, even though the company’s main range of products includes a variety of halo-style extensions that are installed with the use of a band, Hidden Crown Hair has recently also introduced a new range of crown clip-ins. These products provide a way to install an additional hair piece at the crown, and does come with clip-in accessories that are used to keep the hair in place.


When it comes to hair extensions, choosing the right brand and the right product is essential and allows for a seamless blend with your natural hair. Hidden Crown Hair has become recognized in the hair industry as offering something unique, a type of hair extension that requires no glue and no clipping into existing hair; thus allowing for the ultimate level of customization without risking your natural hair’s health.