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I was highly acrophobic that even a flight of stairs would make my head go round.

I have managed that fear by doing extreme sports like hiking, paragliding, bungee jumping, and even sky diving.

These experiences made me feel kind of high and scared at the same time. However, there is one more thing that scares me, probably even more than heights.

“The Hair-fall.”
Earlier, I regularly applied several kinds of hair serums and oils, to keep my hair healthy. But hair still fell. I even stopped styling and coloring my hair just to avoid being bald. But a wise woman once said:

“The hair falls when they wanna fall, and they fall more when you worry about them more.”

Yes, that woman is me. It’s true cause they fell more with my precautions.

To manage my hair-fall trauma, I pictured myself bald, and I realized it did not matter whether I have hair or not.

If I cannot enjoy my hair, what is the point of having them? If eventually, I do get bald, we have hair wigs and extensions for that very reason.
That comprehension freed me up. So, I experimented with different kinds of hair extensions. Now my hair doesn’t fall as much, probably because I don’t put much thought into hair-fall.
However, I still use hair extensions. It saves me up from most chemical treatments, and colored extensions usually don’t fade out.

Besides, extensions don’t need styling or maintenance as much as natural hair. Of course, it also adds volume.
So, if you are looking for hair extensions, I suggest you start with clip-ins rather than permanent hair extensions.

I highly recommend crown hair extensions as they look natural. Here are a few of the products that I used and found extremely useful:

Crown® Clip-Ins - Medium Brown Blonde Highlights - 4/613

This was my first ever crown hair extension. The medium brown color matches my natural hair color so putting it on meant I would get the highlights without getting the highlights. After using it for more than two years, I still wear it.

The hair is uniformly thick from top to bottom, and they flow in the same direction.

The hair is woven by quad wefts, which, unlike seams, don’t stand out and fit the head. Furthermore, Quad wefts are more durable, and hair loss from this extension is minimum.

The hair length is available from 8 inches to 26 inches. I like 24 inches, but if you have shoulder-length hair go for 10 inches.

Each pack comes with a 7.5-inch volumizer and at least three clip-ins. The 5-inch side pieces to add a natural but bouncy look come in with another three clip-ins.
I have used several extensions in combinations. But I don’t think you will need any accessories with this extension to complement the look you are aiming for.

When I first started to use this extension, I found that their clips pop open immediately if they are not fixed the right way. This is important cause it will save you up the embarrassment of hair extensions falling out in the middle of an event.
Yes, I did put a wrong extension for one of my events, and by the end of that week, everyone found my hair-literally-fall quite amusing.

In my defense, I was young and naive. I don’t know why but the fact that these hairs are 100% human hair puts me to ease somehow.

The hair weighs from 90-220 grams a complete set, depending upon the hair’s length.

If you don’t want light brown or blond highlights, crown hair extensions have more than 40 colors available, but you will have to look for your match.

Crown® Clip-Ins - Dark Brown – 2

If you want to go for pure color with no high- or low- lights, this is your thing. Like other crown hair extensions, this is pure human hair with uniform thickness.

The hair is monochrome. I used dark brown; however, crown hair extensions are available in other shades as well.
Again, you will have to look for your perfect match. The hair is bound together by quad wefts, and so they fit perfectly to the head. That said, I must tell you to avoid all those hair extensions with sticky ends.
They don’t stick where they are supposed to adhere. But they do stick your natural hair together, making a mess.

I had to use so much conditioner to take that glue out of my head, but the hair loss was extreme for the next few weeks.

Though, I am in for polyurethane-bound hair extensions as they usually last longer. But even they do considerable damage to natural hair.

So, to me, clip-ins are the best hair extensions. They don’t damage natural hair or stick them, they if applied the right way, give a natural look, and you can easily take them off whenever you want.

Again, each pack comes with side pieces and a volumizer. My package came with a bristle comb, so I think you will have that one too. This product is available in 8 to 26-inches.

I used the 20 inches. Though, I first used them after getting dark brown hair color.
I have used these as low lights to my natural hair combination. So, it’s entirely up to you how you want to use a hair extension.

But if you just want a hair extension with high and low lights, there are other more suitable products available as well.

Crown® Clip-Ins - Light Ash blonde highlights and lowlights – 116

So, if you have blonde hair and want to go for high- and low- lights, this is your thing. I didn’t use this product, but I bought this for my sister.

She has honey-blonde hair, and she didn’t want to get hair color. She loved the look she got, and since she is pretty picky, I am pretty sure you will like this one as well.
Again, the hair is available in 8 to 26 inches. I got her a 22-inch hair extension. The hair is pure human hair and is bound by quad wefts.

This one also comes with one 7.5-inch volumizer with three clips and two 5-inch side pieces with three clips to give voluminous looks.

Wefts are pretty flexible and don’t look as bulky compared to the seams or glued ones.

If you have ever tried permanent extensions, you would know that paint on silicone binding cylinders chip out.

Besides, the hair extensions need regular re-bundling, so the maintenance is quite costly.
Even if you manage all that, the permanent hair extensions are generally bound to natural hair and cause irreversible damage.

These extensions are not silicon-coated, so they don’t lose luster with washings as other extensions do.
I usually go for straight hair, but my sister likes Hollywood curls, and she has curled her extensions several times within the last year. So, if curled extensions are your thing, this will work fine for you.

However, if you don’t have blonde hair, crown extensions have similar products, but you will have to look for your match.


While standing in front of a mirror, have you ever wondered, “I am queen but, where is my crown? I don’t know about you, but I have.

For all of us queens, Shelley Goodstein founded Hidden Crown in late 2013 to create high-quality extensions that anyone could wear at home and which are easily accessible as well.

I tried to give my “expert” opinion regarding 3 of their best extensions. I hope this will help you in finding the right extension for you.

But no matter what kind of extension you go for, it is essential that you like it.

I, however, recommend clip-in crown extensions as they seem natural and are relatively inexpensive compared to other brands.

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