The Benefits Of Buying Her Imports Peruvian Hair

It can be quite confusing to choose the best type of hair when you visit a store that sells weave for your very first installation. When buying on the internet, things can be even more confusing as there is no one to guide you or offer you some advice in person after looking at your natural hair. Thus, it is important to become educated about the many different types of hair that you can buy, and what benefits and drawbacks each offer. When you do not buy the right type of hair, it may not properly fit in with your natural hair, which will create an unpleasant look and also cause you to waste your money.

Peruvian hair is a particular choice of hair that is very popular amongst women who wear weaves. This type of hair has quite a lot of advantages to consider and many people find that it blends in with their natural hair without making it obvious that they are wearing a weave. In this post, we want to take a quick look at the benefits you can gain from these weave extensions, and look at the different options Her Imports has to offer when it comes to buying Peruvian hair.

Why Choose Peruvian Hair?

peruvian curly hairLet’s start this post by discussing why Peruvian hair might be an appropriate – if not the best – option when you want to buy a new weave to install. First of all, Peruvian hair is an excellent choice when it comes to coloring weave hair or bleaching them. These tasks can be performed without causing a lot of damage to the hair. Some of the other hair types out there do tend to become damaged quite easily when colored or bleached.

Furthermore, you can style Peruvian hair as you wish as this type of hair is usually quite strong and durable. Thus, you can use your favorite styling tools on them and add styling products, such as hairsprays, without causing the hair a lot of damage. The hair is also flexible and will allow you to achieve almost any type of hairstyle you desire.

We should note, however, that it is important to ensure you buy 100% human Peruvian hair and to make sure the source you are buying from does not process the hair with any chemicals before sending it to you. This is important as Peruvian hair is usually only this beneficial when installed in its virgin state.

Her Imports Peruvian Hair

When it comes to finding a brand that sells high-quality Peruvian Hair at affordable prices, Her Imports tends to be a very good choice. This company has numerous options when it comes to choosing Peruvian hair, and their prices are not as high as some of the competing brands.

Their most popular choice for Peruvian Hair is their body wave option, which is a voluminous type of Peruvian hair weave that offers flexibility, durability and the ability to process the hair to your specific requirements without leading to shedding or extensive damage. In addition to their weaves, the brand also has a number of wigs, frontals and closures that have been made from virgin human Peruvian hair.


Peruvian body wavePeruvian human hair weaves are not only one of the most popular types of hair on the market today, but is also one of the most appropriate hair types to choose when buying and installing a weave. This particular type of weave can be used on numerous natural hair types and offer a variety of benefits that should be considered. It is, however, important to ensure you buy Peruvian hair that is 100% natural and unprocessed.