The Premium Range Of Weaves From Her Imports


Short Sew In Weave HairstylesEvery woman deserves to look and feel good about herself all the time. To look and feel good, however, a lot of attributes need to be maintained – with their physical appearance often being amongst the top list of concerns they have when they consider how much confidence they may have. For many women, wearing the best weave they can get their hands on is an essential part of maintaining an attractive, good-looking appearance. Unfortunately, many companies tend to offer budget weaves and wigs, which makes it quite difficult to find a trustworthy company where higher quality hair can be sourced from.

Her Imports have provided women with the perfect solution in the form of a premium hair collection, called the “My Hair” collection. This collection includes a variety of hair products, such as weaves, closures and frontals, that are all made from the best quality hair that is available on the market, and then installed into high-quality settings to ensure minimum shredding occurs and to provide the woman who is buying the weave with a product that will last them for over two years.

My Hair Weave Collection

The “My Hair” collection of weaves offered by Her Imports is unlike any other products listed on their store and is also unlike many of the weaves that can be purchased at other brands that offer weaves and similar products. This particular collection has been designed with quality and longevity in mind, and only contains the highest quality temple hair that has been certified to be authentic. The same type of hair that is used to produce the “My Hair” weaves are also used by some of the most renowned stylists throughout the world, as well as by many famous celebrities.

importsWhat makes these weaves so impressive as well is the fact that they are completely unprocessed. No silicone is used to add shine to the hair, and there are no chemical processing or coloring involved in the process of manufacturing the hair into a weave. The hair is simply washed before it is sent out to the customer, which means each piece of weave in this particular collection from Her Imports will be silky soft and have a fuller appearance than many of the other weaves that are currently available – not only from Her Imports themselves, but also from many other brands.

The weaves in the collection are relatively affordable. The cheapest piece that can be purchased in this particular collection is a 12-inch bundle, which will cost you $187. The sizes go up to 30 inches, which costs $253 per bundle. In addition to buying the weave bundles, customers are also given to option to include add-ons to their order. These add-ons include a selection of both frontals and closures. The frontals and closures offered here share the same qualities as the weaves – as in they are produced from top quality authentic temple hair. The closures can be obtained in both lace and silk options.

To ensure the customer is completely happy with their order, Her Imports has provided a unique guarantee option with the purchase of any products in the “My Hair” collection. Should the customer be unsatisfied with the weaves and other items provided to them, Her Imports allows for a money-back refund.


Premium hair weaves are often preferred by women who would like to spend a little more on such a precious investment, but can only be found at certain brands. Her Imports is one of the top sources of premium weaves, as well as products like frontals and closures. Their “My Hair” premium weaves are made from some of the best hair on the market and are available at relatively affordable prices.