Illusion Frontals From Her Imports Offers Quality Hair At Affordable Prices

A frontal is an important part of a weave setup for the majority of people. Those who are not yet familiar with these hair pieces should realize that they can add quite a lot of volume and make the entire look of the weave installation much more natural and realistic – which, in the end, is the goal that a woman tends to strive for when they opt for a weave. Frontals are placed in the front part of the weave installation and hide any physical evidence that you are wearing a weave. This can help keep the confidence of a woman who wears a weave on the positive side as they would not have to worry about people noticing signs that they are not showing off their natural hair.

her import logoOne particular problem that women tend to experience when they would like to buy a frontal is where to buy it from and, of course, what type of frontal they should buy. There are a considerable number of stores that offer frontals, but choosing the wrong store will cause disappointment as the hair may not be of high quality and could easily start to shed. Let’s take a look at why we recommend Her Imports for buying hair frontals, and then also consider why a lace frontal should be considered over a silk frontal.


Her Imports Illusion Frontals

Her Imports offer a range of exclusive frontals as part of their Illusion Frontals collection. This particular collection is excellent for any person who is looking to add more volume and a more realistic look to their installation of weave hair, and comes at affordable prices. The range includes the standard frontals that people have worn for many years now, as well as an additional product that might be new to many customers – the 360 Illusion Frontal.

Both of these offerings by Her Imports offer the customer the ability to improve the way their weave installation looks by hiding any evidence that a weave was installed and, of course, by adding more body to particular areas of their installation where volume matters.

We should also mention the fact that Her Imports do not use any type of synthetic hair to produce their frontals. The brand only specializes in utilizing remy hair that has been produced from real human hair. This is beneficial as the hair and frontal will last for a significant longer time period than synthetic frontals would.

Why Choose A Lace Frontal?

lace frontalWhen you are ready to buy a frontal, then you would notice that you are often given the option to choose between a lace frontal and a silk frontal. The “lace” and “silk” part refers to the material that the manufacture used as the base of the frontal. One of the most significant differences between these two is usually the price. A silk frontal tends to cost much more than a lace frontal – and this is also the reason we recommend opting for a lace frontal instead as, even though many people would advise you that a silk closure looks somewhat more natural than a lace closure. When buying a lace closure, you get the flexibility of modifying it in such a way that it perfectly fits in with your own hair and matches the color of your roots. The savings you gain from buying this option would let you spend more money on extra weaves or other accessories and products to help you achieve the best look.


Installing hair extensions as part of a weave is not always sufficient, especially when the goal is to achieve a full body and voluminous hair look. Thus, adding a frontal piece is often needed to help a woman achieve her desired look. Her Imports offer a range of different looks in their Illusion Frontals collection, which includes traditional frontals, as well as their 360 frontals, offering coverage around the entire head.