Her Imports Offer High Quality Glue For The Installation Of Frontals

lace front wigInstalling a new weave can be a tedious and time-consuming job. Whether you do it yourself, ask someone to help you out or visit a salon for the professional experience, it still takes a lot of time and can also lead to quite a lot of expenses, especially if you opt for the salon visit. If you are going for the “full” look and decide to add a frontal to your weave installation, then you should make sure you have all the required tools and products that are needed for a successful installation.

A particular product that many women seem to buy with a grab-and-go attitude and never put any thought into is the glue that is used to install a frontal. There are various types of glue on the market, some cheap and some more expensive. The problem with the grab-and-go buying method is the fact that not all of these glues are completely safe for your skin. You need something that is not going to expose your skin to harsh chemicals, be waterproof and that will keep the hold until you decide it should come off.

Her Imports Frontal Glue

One of the best choices when it comes to glue for the bonding of a frontal seems to be a particular product that is being sold by Her Imports. The product is known as Cling and is part of a complete product range offered by the brand, which includes this particular product, as well as a Un-Cling product and some other hair care items that have been developed specifically for women who wear weaves.

Cling is a water resistant glue that has been made especially for the installation of a frontal. The company has utilized a special ingredient, known as copolymer, which is water-based in this particular formula to ensure the product is safe to use by any person who wishes to install a frontal with their weave. There are no potentially harmful chemicals added to the formula and it is free of any kinds of toxins.

A single bottle of Cling costs $39.99 and can be added to an order while the customer is shopping for a frontal piece at Her Imports. In addition to offering Cling as a single product, customers can also opt for a special bundle that Her Imports offers, which includes the Cling product, as well as the Un-Cling product, which is worth $19.99. Together, these two products would normally cost a customer $59.98. When purchased as a bundle, it will only cost the customer $54.99.

Using the Cling frontal glue is very easy. The customer simply has to apply a thin layer of the glue to the frontal that will be installed, as well as a total of four thin layers to the part of their head where the frontal will be attached. Each layer on their head should be applied and then left for 20 seconds before the next is applied. Thereafter, the customer has to wait for around seven minutes before pressing the frontal to their head until it bonds.


The type of glue you choose for the bonding application of your frontal should be vital as the wrong type of glue may lead to some adverse reactions. Cling by Her Imports is an excellent choice for women who are looking for an effective glue that is not only waterproof and sweat proof, but also does not contain any harsh chemicals that may be damaging to their skin. The glue is available at a relatively affordable price and can easily be added to an order whilst shopping for a frontal.