Which Type Of Curly Hair Should You Buy From Her Imports

Every women desires a different look when it comes to their hair. Some like to wear their hair flat, while others like to spice up their hairdo by going for a more voluminous look. Curly hair has become a particularly popular choice for women over the last few years, but when natural hair is very short or not curly, it is extremely difficult to achieve. This is where a weave comes in handy. By simply installed a few bundles of hair into your natural hair, you can instantly achieve a curly look and rock the numerous benefits that comes with this particular hair type.

The Benefits Of Curly Hair

curly black hairThere are many benefits to having curly hair, with one of the most significant ones being the fact that curly hair tends to look more voluminous and instantly adds quite a large amount of body to your natural hair. According to Bustle, another significant advantage is the fact that curly hair often doesn’t require too much effort, which means if you miss your alarm and you are in a hurry early in the morning, then you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror to achieve a good look.

There is also the obvious benefit that you won’t need to constantly use a curling iron to help you achieve a curly look. When you wear a curly weave, you will always have curly hair. Curls also tend to stay curled under different weather conditions, which is something many other types of hair, especially the straighter types, do not possess. When straight hair, for example, is exposed to rain, it tends to tangle and become unmanageable rather quickly.

Curly Hair Weaves From Her Imports

her import logoIf you are looking for a company that will be able to offer you a variety of curly hair weaves, then you should pay a visit to Her Imports. The company’s products can be purchased on the internet, or at any one of their 34 stores, located throughout 10 countries. Her Imports has a positive record amongst customers and tend to offer their products at reasonable prices.

The brand has three options when it comes to buying curly hair from them, each offering a set of unique features that makes it perfect for particular customers. Originally, the company only offered a tight curl option for those who were after a curly weave. This particular product became quite popular and offered hair that was thicker than many of the other products they offered.

Later on, the company launched two new collections of curly hair to further satisfy of their curly-loving customers. These include their Kinky Curl option, which features weaves that are soft and voluminous. A particular feature that is quite impressive about their Kinky Curl weaves is the fact that they can be straightened without effort when needed. The other option added to this line of weaves is their Spring Curl. This collection has been designed to offer a more natural curly look. It is easy to use a flat iron in these hair and it can be blow dried without worrying about damage.


Whether you would like to add a lot of volume to your hair or simply would like to try out something completely new, curly hair is the perfect option for many people who would like to wear weaves. There are different options available when choosing curly hair, so it is important to choose the right one for you. Her Imports offers three different types of curly hair weaves at affordable prices, and do not chemically process their hair prior to selling it to the customer.