A Wide Selection Of Closures Offered By Hair Imports

People are now much more educated about weaves and how they should be installed to achieve the best look. More and more people are also starting to turn towards weaves to help them achieve a fuller look and to help them experiment with a variety of different hairstyles. When installing a weave, women do not only buy hair extensions anymore, but also opt for additional pieces of hair that helps to improve the natural look that they want to achieve through the installation of their weaves. A closure in particular is a perfect addition that helps to make the entire installation look like it is part of the woman’s natural hair.

Almost every brand that manufactures and sells hair extensions and weaves now also sells closures. Apart from closures, frontals have also become very popular. The problem, however, is that brands often make it hard to know which closure should be combined with which type of extensions, and there are sometimes often that do not perfectly match, which means the customer needs to be educated about the particular options that go together.

Her Imports Closures

Her Imports has quite a large range of closures listed on their website, and even available at their local stores, which is located in a total of 36 different cities. What makes Her Imports unique from most of the other brands that offer closures is the way in which a customer can buy a closure from them. Most brands tend to list their closures as separate items. When a customer buys a closure separately, they might have a hard time deciding what type of closure they should add to a particular set of extensions – they will have to perfectly match the hairstyle, hair origin and other options to ensure the closure and the hair pieces go together well.

hair imports 3-bundles-with-closureWith Her Imports, however, the entire process of buying both hair extensions and a closure is streamlined and made to be convenient to the customer. The first step is to select the type of hair extensions you would like to buy. This could include kinky straight, kinky curl, spring curl, deep wave, tight curl or any of their other choices. Her Imports also offer a variety of origins, including Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian. They do not offer the cheaper quality hair origin options, such as Chinese hair, since these types of extensions are often of low quality and tend to wear out rather quickly.

Once you have decided what type of extensions you would like to buy from Hair Imports and clicked on the “Shop Now” button next to the particular type you would like to buy, then the next option would be to select the length of the extensions you want to buy. This is where buying a closure as well gets easy. After selecting the type of extension and the length, you simply need to click on the “closure” option on the page to add a closure that will perfectly match the extensions you are buying to your order. Note that, in addition to this method, closures can be purchased separately as well.


Silk vs Lace Closure WeaveWhen installing a weave, you should most certainly consider adding a closure. A closure is added to the top of the head to hide any visible signs of the extensions that were installed, which is an advantage to any person who wishes to go the extra mile in order to hide the fact that they are not using their natural hair to achieve their particular hairstyles. Her Imports offers a convenient way to buy closures as a customer simply needs to add a closure to a bundle while making a purchase. For more information, check out this page here.