Buying Bundle Deals From Her Imports

her imports bundlesWeaves and hair extensions are expensive. This is something that every person who has worn a high-quality weave knows. According to a well known hair blog, there are rumors that Beyonce paid as much as $145,000 for one of her latest weaves. Such an expensive weave is out-of-reach for the majority of average consumers, but this does not mean you cannot look great even if you buying a weave on a tight budget. When your budget is extremely tight, then opting for a bundle deal instead of separate sets of hair may be the more appropriate option for you.

In this post, we would like to take a look at the various bundle deals that can be obtained from Her Imports, a company that has built up a good reputation for themselves in the past few years and today, they are recognized as one of the top brands for buying hair extensions and products that helps you take care of your extensions not only by the average consumer, but also by thousands of professional hair stylists.

Why Buy A Bundle Deal From Her Imports

Whether you are looking for a bundle deal because you do not have enough money to buy multiple extension sets individually due to the higher costs involved with such a transaction, or looking to save some money so you can buy a closure or frontal to improve the appearance of your weave installation, opting for a bundle deal from Her Imports has numerous benefits in store for you.

her imports hair bundleThe standard bundle deals from Her Imports comes with a total of three extensions, and usually costs from around $121 upward to about $165 for a single bundle. While this may seem a little expensive at first sight, you should consider the fact that competing brands often charges as much as $100 for a single 12-inch extension. When you add it up, buying three separate extensions at this price could cost you $300 or more. Thus, by opting for a bundle from Her Imports, you pay less than half the price you might have to pay at a competing brand.

Her Imports also offer a lot of different options when it comes to buying bundle deals from them; thus ensuring every single customer has something to help them feel more confident with. This is a benefit that many of the competing brands fail to offer, since a majority of brands that sell hair extensions focuses on selling the extensions separately and only provides a few options when it comes to buying bundles.

There are many different styles to choose from when buying bundle deals from Her Imports. The first option that needs to be decided on is the type of hair extensions the customer wishes to buy. The brand used to only provide hair styles that included a tight curl, Malaysian straight, deep wave, body wave, Peruvian and a bleached option. Today, however, they also offer additional styles. Their most recent additions include their new spring curl, kinky curl and the kinky straight styles. Her Imports also offer a collection of hair extensions known as “My Hair” – these are a premium selection of extensions that can also be purchased in bundles.


If you are on a tight budget and you are looking to buy a new weave, then visit Her Imports for a selection of weave bundle deals that gives you two to four pieces of extensions at a low price. Her Imports is known to provide quality hair and to truly care about their customers. They also offer a financing option for those who are unable to pay for their entire order in one full amount.

Bundle Deals are Great! Learn more about the bundle deals and other promotions from Her Imports today!