The Stylish Turban Headband

Stylish Turban HeadbandHeadbands are an incredibly versatile accessory that all women should have in their wardrobes! Like with many hair accessories, headbands can be used to add extra style to an updo, make messy hair look great quickly, and keep your hair out of your face in a way that doesn’t damage it. There are different styles of headbands like the wide or the bohemian, but in this article, we will be focusing on turban headbands. For more information about other types of headbands, or headbands in general, click on the links above.

Turbans tend to go around the whole head and protect the hair from outside elements. They are twisted at the top of the forehead, creating a nice design which draws attention to the face. Turbans can be full or partial coverage—covering all of your hair or leaving the top of your head open. Turban headbands can cover the ears or they may not and different styles come further down the face and forehead than others. It is really up to you to decide which style works best with your face shape and the function you want to use it for! There are many different materials and patterns that a turban headband could be. A bright and bold African pattern can show off your cultural heritage or a solid colour can show a laidback but still very pretty look.

Choosing a Turban Headband

There are a few options for types of fabric when you choose your headband. It depends on what you will be using your turban for. If you plan on wearing your turban headband day-to-day, or even sleeping with it, you need to make sure you have a satin or sateen material as a lining. The turban will protect your hair from the elements and the satin lining will keep moisture inside for less chance of split ends, breakage, and frizz. Other materials may not as gentle or kind to your hair.

However, you may also want a turban headband to look stylish and keep you warm! There are many headbands designed for the winter months and made out of cozy materials. These turban headbands should cover your ears and are a great-looking alternative to winter hats. They may cause frizz if you have curly hair so just keep that in mind!

Turbans were traditionally designed to tie the end in knots close to the skull. You can, of course, still purchase this style if it appeals to you; however, many women complain that they get headaches if they are tied too tightly or worn for too long. That is why there are many new turbans with elastic around the back so that you can be more comfortable. There are pros and cons for both types and you just have to select which one would suit you best, although if you are prone to headaches, it is best to stick to the elastic.


Girl wearing a Head WrapTurban headbands can be worn in a variety of ways but they are particularly useful for a few different reasons.

1. You are having a bad hair day! Whatever you do your hair just will not cooperate. This is the perfect time to gather up all your hair and wrap it into a turban. It is simple, takes no time at all and it looks great! You can also match the turban to your outfit so you can go immediately from blah to a whole put-together look.

2. You didn’t wash your hair and want to cover up the oil/grease. It is so much work to wash your hair and it takes so long to dry you just didn’t have time to do it last night. You can leave your hair down and put your turban headband on top. That way you can have your pretty curls showing while avoiding all of the grease at the top of your head. It’s win-win!

3. You don’t feel like styling your hair today. Busting out the hair straightener is just too much work and takes way too long. Sometimes, you just don’t want to do it! A cute look is to pull your hair into a quick, messy side braid. Finish it off with your turban headband and voila, a 5-minute style!

4. You want to protect your hairstyle. Maybe you just got your hair done at a salon for an event you are going to but you need to get through a whole day at work or school first! Just cover your hair with a satin-lined turban and you can protect your style all day until you are ready to unveil it like the beautiful piece of art it is!

Of course, these are not the only reasons to wear a turban headband! You don’t need an excuse to wear them because they are simply beautiful! You can wear a turban headband at any time for a wonderful look and style that is filled with cultural heritage. They can be worn day-to-day or at formal events. If your turban headband is partially open instead of covering your hair completely, you can also style your hair into an updo and add a headband for extra oomph!

You can have a lot of fun making complete looks out of your turban headband! You can buy them in the same pattern as the dress you are wearing for a put-together look. Alternatively, you can use your turban to mix and match styles. Another great look is wearing a pair of bold earrings with your turban headband. This is sure to turn heads and will make you feel like a queen! A great option for a more formal occasion.

Turbans have a long history for African-American women and are part of a strong tradition. This is a look that shows off a strong cultural heritage. Today, they are more popular than ever and a super stylish option for your hair! Make sure you have a couple different styles on hand for any occasion!