Bohemian Headbands

Girls wearing Bohemian HeadbandsWhether you are into modern hippie culture or looking to buy a yoga headband, headbands are an incredibly versatile accessory that all women should have in their wardrobes! Headbands can be used to add extra style to an updo, make messy hair look great quickly, and keep your hair out of your face in a way that doesn’t damage it.

There are different styles of headbands like the turban or the wide / thick headband, but in this article, we will be focusing on bohemian headbands. For more information about other types of headbands or headbands in general click on the links above.

What is Bohemian?

The bohemian style leans more toward modern hippie culture but it is really up to you. bohemian brings to mind freedom, individuality, and uniqueness. So, use this guide however you wish, but remember there are different styles of bohemian as it means different things to different people. You might think a bohemian headband is a thick, laidback looking comfy piece that keeps the hair out of your face. Or you might see bohemian as something slightly dressier which you use to look cute and pretty.

This article is going to focus on headbands that circle around the forehead for a hippie/halo look. Taylor Swift used to rock this style of headband during her country phase and it always looked phenomenal with her soft waves. Rihanna often sports different styles of headbands, including ones that circle her ever-changing hairstyle, and, of course, Rihanna is a #QUEEN. Many other celebrities are embracing headbands these days as well as plenty of Instagrammers. Take a stroll through Pinterest to see all the ways that you can wear Bohemian headbands.

Why Wear a Bohemian Headband?

Bohemian-style headbands are generally worn over top of hair in a circular look. These types of headbands are more about style than they are about keeping your hair in place. There are so many different looks that you can go for with a bohemian headband. You can definitely pull off a hippie look! You can become a queen of the ’60s or ’70s while still looking stylish in 2018!

Your curls will look great with these headbands. It is best to style your hair first so that you can have a smooth surface for the headband to rest on. If the headband is too tight your hair will scrunch upwards, which you don’t want. Make sure the elastic is big enough for your head and hair, or that the ends are tied appropriately. You can also use bobby pins the same color as your hair, to help you secure the headband. The headband can sit high on your head or circle your forehead – it’s really up to you!


Bohemian headbands can be made of many materials including lace, jewels, and beads. These headbands tend to be thin and delicate and are great for everyday wear or special occasions. A typical style is leaving the hair down and placing the headband overtop. However, you can also create several updos with bohemian headbands.

A messy ponytail or topknot can be taken to a new level once you add the headband of your choice. A high bun for a formal occasion looks even better with a decorative accessory like a headband. A jeweled or lace bohemian headband can take a look from simple to classy and elegant. In fact, many women are even starting to wear bohemian headbands as part of their bridal looks!

You can wear a delicate, pretty headband at your wedding. You can even tuck a veil into the back of your headband for a new take on a traditional look. They are also great options for bridal showers or bachelor parties as a white lace or jeweled headband, clearly marks a bride!

Girl with Bohemian HeadbandBohemian headbands can be styled to suit any season and any outfit! In the summertime, you can wear floral headbands with a dress for a pretty, girly, soft look. There are even bohemian headbands that feature feathers so you can feel wild and free while exploring the outdoors in the summer!

A beaded headband is a great way to dress up a simple fall outfit. I recommend an orange autumn sweater with a blue-beaded headband. This is great to wear back to school. Sweaters can be boring when not accessorized correctly and a headband can take your outfit from drab to fab.

If you want an easy, flowy spring look try a lace headband with a crocheted kimono. This is sure to pull out those hippie vibes! You can also try a thin chain that sits at the top of the head and almost looks like a crown. You can even match your headband to your earrings for a put-together look.

Bohemian headbands can also be worn in the winter months to keep your ears warm. Fuzzy and cozy headbands are available. They look super cute with winter outfits too! Winter headbands are great alternatives to hats, as they don’t cause quite as much frizz as hats tend to do! (Of course, you can never escape frizz completely if you are using a cozy material like wool)

A bohemian headband is truly the best way to showcase your unique style. While other types of headbands are chosen for their usefulness and simplicity, a bohemian head is what you want to have when you are taking your style to the next level. There are endless options to style bohemian headbands—whether you want to be a laid-back hippie or an elegant queen a bohemian headband will help you achieve it!