Headbands: All You Need to Know

Girl Wearing a HeadbandHeadbands are an incredibly versatile accessory that all women should have in their wardrobes! From sparkly soul headbands to designer cotton fabric headbands for volleyball or a simple band covering, headbands can be used to add extra style to ado, make messy hair look great quickly, and keep your hair out of your face in a way that doesn’t damage it.

There are different styles of headbands like the turban, the bohemian, and the wide but this article will be focusing on headbands in general. For more information on the different types, see their sections below.

Why Wear a Headband?

Since the 19th century, headbands have been a simple way to create a new look or hairstyle! When choosing your type, make sure to pick one that is made from satin or sateen. These materials protect hair from moisture loss, breakage, and frizz. Bands are particularly useful for curly, kinky, or springy hair but they also work great for straight hair, locks, and braids. You should also choose a headband that has a non-slip backing so that it stays in place all day.

Headbands can either be tied at the back, tucked into place, or have an elastic stretch that allows them to fit over your head and hair. If you are prone to headaches, it is best not to purchase types that tie at the back as there is a risk of them being tied too tightly. Make sure that you measure your head and hair before purchasing a headband.

Headband Uses

Headbands can be used to:

  • Wear out day-to-day
  • Sleep with to protect your hair
  • Accessorize a hairstyle for a night out
  • Cover up greasy hair
  • Look stylish quickly
  • Save a hairstyle for another day (like a blowout)
  • Keep bangs out of your eyes
  • Keep your ears warm in the winter months

You can use them simply to keep hair out of your face. This is especially useful if you have short wispy pieces in the front that tend to get in the way. Use headbands to keep hair out of your face while you are putting on makeup, cooking, exercising, playing sports, or doing chores around the house.

There are some bands that are even designed to save your hairstyle while you are exercising. Certain companies have developed technology designed to repel moisture, release heat, and help your hair lie flat while you are sweating. The satin material of these headbands keeps your hair smooth as well.


If you don’t feel like styling your hair every day, it’s a great idea to have a few headbands in your closet. They can provide you with simple, easy hairstyles. This is great if you like to sleep in but still look stylish! It also helps to mix up your hair routine, so you don’t get bored of the same hairstyles every day. A simple topknot can be taken to a whole other level by adding a headband. You can also choose different patterns and colors to match to your various outfits.

Headbands are super easy and quick styling tools and can be used to create a multitude of looks. Some suggestions are:

  • Pull some hair to the front to create a bang
  • Push all your hair back with a headband
  • Add extra style to an updo
  • Wear it with topknots
  • Pull your hair to the front in a pineapple and have the headband create a wide back
  • Wear them on top of your hair for a bohemian look
  • Pair a headband with a messy ponytail and you have an instant look

Types of Headbands

Types of HeadbandsThere are many different styles of headbands such as bohemian, turban, and wide.

1. Bohemian headbands tend to be more for style than for practical use. These types of headbands go around the forehead with a circular look. This is the kind of headband you could picture a hippie from the ’60s or ’70s, although they have recently regained their popularity. They can come in beaded, lace, or floral designs. Bohemian style is a great way to show off your personality or to take an updo to the next level!

2. Turbans tend to cover the whole head and are a great way to protect your hair from the elements. They can be used to preserve hairstyles or, alternatively, to cover up dirty or oily hair. When you don’t feel like styling your hair that day, or are wanting to wear your third-day hair, a turban is a great option to wear. Turbans can be super stylish and come in bright colors and bold patterns which are steeped in culture and heritage.

3. Wide headbands protect the hair without covering the whole head. These are great options if you want quick and easy hairstyles that still look good every day. This is the type of headband that can be used to keep hair out of your face during sports or bright and colorful ones that can match with your outfit. Wide headbands are incredibly versatile in the way that they are worn and can even be turned around so that the wide part is at the back while your hair is pinned up.


Headbands can be worn with short or long hair. You can choose to not heat-style your hair while wearing a headband or you can style your hair before or after you put your headband on to give it a finished look. Having a few headbands in your wardrobe can add new layers and versatility to your personal style!

Headbands can be a source of cultural expression, as well as self-expression. Some African-American women have reported that wearing headbands in traditional African prints have helped them to reclaim parts of their culture. Headbands and head coverings have a long history in America and today they are beacons of style.