Head Wraps for Men

Head Wraps for MenIn modern times, it is a common misconception to believe that head wraps are strictly made for women, but upon taking a closer look, you will discover this is not to be the case. Men wear head wraps and look terrific doing it.

The most common head wraps worn by men are the turban, the scarf, and the bandana among others. These head wraps are not only seen on the streets but also in Hollywood and Bollywood movies where our favorite stars rock them.

The turban is also a customary clothing accessory in many countries, especially India. This clothing accessory not only takes care of your hair but has been known as a means of displaying your cultural background and social status.

Head Wrap Styles for Men

When it comes to head wrap styles, there are numerous ways in which you can tie them. You could even personalize a common technique to suit your individual style. When using head wraps, be sure to showcase your creativity.

Head wraps are quite simple for men to tie, the simplest way to tie a head wrap is to hold the fabric by both ends, place the mid part on your forehead and roll both ends across your head. You could get creative with the tying of the knots. Either tying it round in a bunch, in a single knot with the ends flapping out or any other form you desire. You could also leave the top flapping out or tucked under the knots, depending on your fabric and taste.

Benefits of Head Wraps for Men

Benefits of Head Wraps for MenUsing head wraps isn’t solely for beauty as it comes with a whole lot of other benefits you may find interesting.

Preventing Tangles and Breakages

It is common knowledge that during sleep we tend to roll around a lot in bed, this leads to the hair being tangled together and making it more susceptible to hair breakage. Using a head wrap helps to keep this in check.

Even winds have been known to cause hair tangles, a head wrap would protect your hair from direct exposure to the wind. Making sure your hairstyle doesn’t turn into a mess before reaching your destination.


Using a head wrap is a very good way to prevent hair dryness. A dry hair causes damage to the hair and weakens it. It also gives your hair a lackluster look leaving it very unattractive.

How To Tie A Mens Head Wrap

Hundreds of celebrities who wear head wraps on TV come up with different styles. Getting your head wrap to have any of those styles can be hard, especially if you are just starting to consider using them. Men who purchase head wraps sometimes end up not using them because of how difficult they feel it is to tie.

There are several techniques or methods by which any man can effectively tie his head wrap. Luckily, below is a step-by-step guide towards achieving some of them, including the Gigantic Bow style, the Spiral style, and the African style.

Spiral Style

Spiral Style Head Wraps for MenStep 1: Make your hair into a high ponytail, then fold the head wrap into half and lower it toward the nape of your neck.

Step 2: Pull the fabric toward the front and off-center, then tie into a knot.

Step 3: Join or put together the two separate ends by twisting them into one large spiral rope.

Step 4: Tuck the spiral on one side at the nape.

Bow Style

Step 1: Style and gather your hair into a topknot.

Step 2: Place the fabric behind your head by lowering it to the nape of your neck. Then give it a pull towards the front.

Step 3: Make the head wrap into a knot at the center before folding it into a very large bow.

Step 4: Then finally tuck the ends of the head wrap into the bow flaps.

African Style

Step 1: Pull the short ends of the African style head wrap and place the flat end against your neck while you tie them across the top of your head. Make the other parts of the fabric fall freely from your neck after that.

Step 2:  Fold the left side of the fabric across the center of your head.

Step 3:  Do the same thing to the right side of the fabric and allow it to extend across the center of your head.

Step 4:  Twist the long end at the fore of the fabric towards the left like a tablecloth. This can easily be done.

Step 5:  Pull the cloth tube upward and tighten it around the head.

Step 6: After the above step, make sure you tuck the fabric in and make your head wrap appear very neat and well packed.

Which Type of Hair Should Use Head Wraps for Men?

Today, millions of men with various cultural and tribal backgrounds across the world use head wraps. This doesn’t just offer a sense of beauty to their outfits but also lets them stand out from others. It is important you understand and know which types of hair are likely to be fit for using head wraps. However, head wraps work just fine with any type of hair, as they offer a great level of hair care for both men and women. Some common hair types that are ideal for head wraps include:

  • Curly hair (short and long)
  • Wavy hair (short and long)
  • Springy hair
  • Natural hair

Head wraps are perfect for practically all types of hair. Long hair can be folded and easily packed into any head wrap product. Although head wraps are perfect for men who have long hair, they still give men with short hair the best hair care they can ever get for a token price.

Having a soft, smooth, or wrinkled hair does not mean a man can’t use a head wrap. These products are also made to control such conditions and almost all men who use head wraps find it easy and convenient to use.

In other words, men having any type of hair can still use head wraps and, at the same time, demonstrate their own sense of culture and hair care.